Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones

Deanna’s guests today were Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones from, Life Guardian Foundation to talk about brain death and the egregious practice of organ harvesting. (MP3)
A Definition of Irreversible Coma, Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

Robert K. Wilcox

Robert K. Wilcox, an award-winning author, journalist, historian, novelist, and screenwriter was Deanna’s guest this afternoon. Robert has authored thousands of published articles, many produced screenplays, and twelve published books, many of them translated into foreign editions. Robert’s books are available at Amazon. (MP3)
👉 Relevant: Elizabeth Bentley / Book: Red Spy Queen: A Biography of Elizabeth Bentley
👉 Stephen J. Skubik

Dean W. Arnold

Deanna’s great guest this afternoon was Dean W. Arnold. Dean is the author of Unknown Empire: The True Story of Mysterious Ethiopia and the Future Ark of Civilization, The Cherokee Princes, Old Money, New South, and Hillary and Vince. (MP3)
👉 Books by Dean W. Arnold
👉 Dean’s Website

Mark Shaw

Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon was Mark Shaw, an investigative reporter and the author of more than twenty books. Mark is a former criminal defense attorney and was the legal analyst for CNN, ESPN, and USA Today for the Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson and Kobe Bryant cases. Mark’s previously released best selling book is The Reporter Who Knew Too Much: The Mysterious Death of What’s My Line TV Star and Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen (2016). He has just published, after exhaustive and thorough research, Denial of Justice: Dorothy Kilgallen, Abuse of Power, and the Most Compelling JFK Assassination Investigation in History. (MP3)
👉 Mark Shaw Books, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much, The Dorothy Kilgallen Story
🖥 Mark Shaw presents his new book, “Denial of Justice”
🖥 What’s My Line? – Dorothy’s Final Show – Joey Heatherton (Nov 7, 1965)

Christopher Fulton

Deanna’s guest this afternoon was Christopher Fulton who with his wife Michelle as co-author has written a very revealing book, The Inheritance: Poisoned Fruit of JFK’s Assassination. (MP3)

Lark in Texas

Lark in Texas was Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon. (MP3)
👉 https://justanumerican.chatango.com/, https://republicbroadcasting.org/news/communitarianism-first-things-first/, https://republicbroadcasting.org/news/lark-on-communitarianism/, Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession

Dave Gahary and Phil Tourney

Dave Gahary and Phil Tourney talked about the attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 and answered the questions from many of this afternoon’s listeners who called in. (MP3)
👉 Erasing the Liberty | Israel’s massacre on the USS Liberty
Dave Gahary guest hosted for Deanna who is attending to health issues at this time.

Hugh Turley

After a short and emotional update Deanna took a couple of listener calls during the first hour of today’s broadcast. (MP3)

Deanna’s guest this afternoon was Hugh Turley who co-authored with David Martin The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton: An Investigation. Hugh talked about his investigation into the murder of Thomas Merton, the most important Roman Catholic spiritual and anti-warfare-state writer of the 20th century. (MP3)
👉 Books: The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton: An Investigation, Peace in the Post-Christian Era
👉 Websites: The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton, Thomas Merton Center
👉 From David “DC Dave” Martin: Thomas Merton, Anti-War Hero

Michael Walsh

Deanna’s guest this afternoon was the author, historian, international journalist, poet, professional writer, veteran activist and publisher of The Ethnic-European, Michael Walsh. (MP3)
👉 Books by Michael Walsh

Bernice Jones

Deanna’s guest this afternoon was Bernice Jones from Life Guardian Foundation who talked about Organ Donations and the book, Opportunities for Organ Donor Intervention Research: Saving Lives by Improving the Quality and Quantity of Organs for Transplantation. (MP3)
👉 Dr. Paul A. Byrne, Milliman 2017 Report, A Definition of Irreversible Coma, Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act Continue reading

Deanna ~ Judyth Vary Baker

Deanna talked about Henry Kissinger and fellow population control accomplices during the first hour of today’s broadcast. (MP3)
🖥 Trump’s meeting with Kissinger, 10/10/2017
👉 http://Depopulation.org, National Security Study Memorandum
👉 Henry Kissinger Imagines a Solution to North Korea, Who Owns the Zika Virus?

Mike Paine / Lee Harvey Oswald Although a bit late to the broadcast due to computer issues, Judyth Vary Baker was Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon. Judyth is the author of Me & Lee: How I came to know, love, and lose Lee Harvey Oswald and David Ferrie: Mafia Pilot, Participant in Anti-Castro Bioweapon Plot, Friend of Lee Harvey Oswald and Key to the JFK Assassination. (MP3)
👉 5th Annual JFK Assassination Conference

Mark Taliano ~ Mariam Alfatah

Mark Taliano, author of Voices From Syria was Deanna’s guest for the first half of today’s broadcast. His past writings are available online here. (MP3)

Gaddafi Cloud
Mariam Alfatah visited with Deanna during the second half of the broadcast this afternoon to talk about what really happened in Libya. (MP3)
Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Libya Under Gaddafi’s So-called Dictatorship
🖥 What Does it Mean to be a Friend of Israel?
🖥 The Security of Israel Depends on Arab Tyranny

Dr. Jeanne M. Stolzer ~ Dr. Paul A. Byrne / Michael Collins Piper (RIP)

Dr. Jeanne M. Stolzer was Deanna’s guest for the first hour this afternoon to discuss the psychiatric drugging of children in America. (MP3)
Related Information: Keeping the Boy in Boyhood, The Systemic Correlation Between Psychiatric Medications and Unprovoked Mass Murder in America

Dr. Paul A. Byrne from the Life Guardian Foundation returned to talk about the infant Charlie Gard, who is trapped in a system of death. (MP3)
Related Information: Truth About Organ Donation
A Definition of Irreversible Coma Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

In Remembrance of Michael Collins Piper. (July 16, 1960 – May 30, 2015) (RIP) 💐 (MP3)
🖥 MCP vs. Eric Jon Phelps, the Great Debate
Michael Collins Piper

Mark R. Elsis

Mark R. Elsis returned this afternoon to visit with Deanna and talk about his not quite finished work on John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Timeline. (MP3)

Marc Vincenti ~ Jim Kouri

Marc Vincenti of Save the 2008 was Deanna’s first guest this afternoon to talk about student suicide. (MP3)

Jim Kouri, Editor and Publicist of the Conservative Base was Deanna’s guest for hour three today. (MP3)