Deanna’s second guest this afternoon was Drew who shared with listeners his experience of being told by a Licensed Doctor that he had prostate cancer and how he did research to determine the best outcome for his own health. (MP3)
Drew provided the following links for your information.
👉 blogtalkradio.com/blakeradio/2013/02/26/healing-withdr-danielshow-prostratecancer-became-a-disease, uspreventiveservicestaskforce.org/Page/Document/RecommendationStatementFinal/prostate-cancer-screening1, dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2163640/Dont-rush-prostate-operation–worst-thing-do.html, medicalnewstoday.com/articles/217616.php, webmd.com/prostate-cancer/guide/prostate-cancer-treatment-wait, nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1807801, protectpatientsblog.com/too_many_doctors_use_too_much_1/, nbcnews.com/id/35874966/ns/health-mens_health/t/surgery-regrets-i-want-my-prostate-back/, webmd.com/prostate-cancer/news/20150219/are-too-many-prostate-cancer-patients-receiving-treatment

Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco, Deanna’s favorite herbalist from Canada and one of the most requested guests by listeners returned this afternoon for an enjoyable and informative three hours. (MP3)
🖥 Herbalistic Videos from Tony and Dave 🌿 😃

Clint Richardson

Clint Richardson was Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon to talk about one of his latest projects regarding the control of persons residing in the United States. (MP3)
👉 https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/, https://thecorporationnation.com/, http://www.strawmanstory.info/
👉 U.S. national health expenditure as percent of GDP from 1960 to 2018

David R. Crowe

Deanna’s second guest this afternoon was David R. Crowe from Canada. David is the president of Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society and Rethinking AIDS. (MP3)
👉 The Genetic Theory of Infectious Diseases: A Brief History and Selected Illustrations

Ingri Cassell

Ingri Cassell visited with Deanna this afternoon to talk about vaccines. 💉 (MP3)
👉 Vaccination Liberation, http://www.vaclib.org/keywords.htm, http://www.vaclib.org/intro/microbiome.htm, http://vaclib.org/intro/vaccination101.htm, Vaccine Contamination
👉 A Stolen Life, Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth, The Vaccine Religion: Mass Mind & The Struggle for Human Freedom
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Christina England and Emily Tarsell

Christina England and Emily Tarsell were Deanna’s guests for two hours this afternoon to discuss the controversy, misunderstood indoctrination and adverse effects of the Gardasil vaccine. Emily’s daughter Christina Richelle Tarsell, died just a few days after receiving her third dose of the Gardasil vaccine at the age of twenty one. Since Christina’s death, Emily and many other mothers have learned that they were not adequately informed of the truth about Gardasil. (MP3)

Ali Zeck

Deanna’s first guest this afternoon was Ali Zeck. Ali talked about her experiences with anti-anxiety drugs, suicide and how her and her family have now all changed their lives for a better, healthier and wholesome life. (MP3)

Kristina Gehrki

Deanna’s first guest this afternoon was Kristina Gehrki. Kristina lost her nineteen year old daughter Natalie due to continued prescribing of drugs while being treated by more than one medical professional during almost half of her short life. (MP3)
🖥 Netherworld: The Tragic Consequences of Prescription Pills
👉 Kidnapped: Natalie’s Story, What is akathisia?, Little Red SSRIding Hood, MISSD