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Deanna Spingola is a prolific freelance writer whose articles have appeared on numerous web sites. She authored two books on mathematically intricate quilt designs while working in the textile industry as a sales representative for several companies. Deanna is also a thorough and qualified researcher delving into government and compiled records as well as a dedicated student of history and has amassed an extensive library of non-fiction books.

The Ruling Elite: A Study In Imperialism, Genocide And Emancipation, published in April of 2011, is her first volume in an ongoing series with the second volume, published in June of 2012, being The Ruling Elite: The Zionist Seizure Of World Power.
On June 1st, 2014, volume three, the final in the series, The Ruling Elite: Death, Destruction and Domination is published.

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“An excellent account of the disaster called WW ll, of which more lies have been written than any other part of recent history. Well done.”

February 3rd, 2015, Screening Sandy Hook | Causes and Consequences is now available at Amazon.
Please visit the Screening Sandy Hook website.

Deanna has published and regularly updates a website at spingola.com and since October 2010, has hosted a very informative internet broadcast from her home office in Illinois, currently broadcast on Saturdays from 3:00 PM -> 6:00 PM CT, on the Republic Broadcasting Network, where she covers many controversial and provocative issues with a variety of guests and usually takes calls from listeners during the broadcast. A text/chat page is available during the broadcast for those who wish to participate.

Spingola and Friends, a broadcast about accurate history, current events, health issues, warfare and other relevant topics on BlogTalkRadio is no longer in operation.

The Spingola Zone, sponsored by American Free Press was a temporary broadcast that preceded Spingola and Friends.

Between making kefir, drinking kombucha, feeding her cats home made viddles, researching, documenting, writing, broadcasting, and enjoying a meal with a fantastic husband, Deanna has also managed to record some offline interviews. Those special interviews as well as any guest appearances of Deanna are published here, Spingola Specials.

Broadcasts are recorded, free of commercials, processed, archived, uploaded and posted for listening to, downloading and sharing them if you wish.

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