Guests from January

Saturday, 1/04: Dr. Antoine Kanamugire (Rebroadcast 3/30/2019)
Saturday, 1/04: Deanna
Saturday, 1/11: Mark R. Elsis
Saturday, 1/11: Fred Gransville
Saturday, 1/18: Ken W. Good
Saturday, 1/18: Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones
Saturday, 1/25: Tony Pantalleresco
Saturday, 1/25: Stephen Willeford

Guests from February

Saturday, 2/01: Dennis Wise
Saturday, 2/08: Jeremy R. Hammond
Saturday, 2/08: Deanna
Saturday, 2/15: Brandon Martinez
Saturday, 2/22: Michael Walsh
Saturday, 2/22: Peter Myers
Saturday, 2/29: Donald B. Stenberg
Saturday, 2/29: Cynthia McKinney

Guests from March

Saturday, 3/07: Christopher Fogarty
Saturday, 3/07: Mark D. Bruce, M.D.
Saturday, 3/14: Michael Fischer
Saturday, 3/14: Dr. Dan O’Brien
Saturday, 3/21: Dr. Gil Mobley
Saturday, 3/28: Clint Richardson

Guests from April

Saturday, 4/04: Kim Casey Cobb
Saturday, 4/04: Rev. Fredrick D. Shaw Jr.
Saturday, 4/11: Cindy Sheehan
Saturday, 4/11: Mark R. Elsis
Saturday, 4/11: Scott Wheeler
Saturday, 4/18: Dr. Charles Page
Saturday, 4/18: John O’Connor
Saturday, 4/18: Mischa Popoff
Saturday, 4/25: Michael Walsh
Saturday, 4/25: Mark R. Elsis

Guests from May

Saturday, 5/02: James and JoAnne Moriarty
Saturday, 5/09: Peter Kozodoy
Saturday, 5/09: Henry Makow
Saturday, 5/09: John Neister
Saturday, 5/16: Dean W. Arnold
Saturday, 5/23: W. Craig (“Bill”) Reed
Saturday, 5/23: Dr. Dean Hart
Saturday, 5/30: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Saturday, 5/30: John Klyczek

Guests from June

Saturday, 6/06: Dave Gahary guest hosted for Deanna
Saturday, 6/13: Rev. Fredrick D. Shaw Jr.
Saturday, 6/13: Dr. Jerome R. Corsi
Saturday, 6/20: Robert A. Bilott
Saturday, 6/20: Jerry Day
Saturday, 6/27: Ken W. Good
Saturday, 6/27: Colin Flaherty
Saturday, 6/27: Keisha S. Lonon

Guests from July

Saturday, 7/04: Lark in Texas
Saturday, 7/11: Vincent Bruno
Saturday, 7/18: Christopher Fogarty
Saturday, 7/25: Raeto West

Guests from August

Saturday, 8/01: Greg Felton
Saturday, 8/08: Dylan Howard
Saturday, 8/08: Melanie Infinger
Saturday, 8/08: Open Lines
Saturday, 8/15: Dave Gahary, Thomas Goodrich & Paul English
Saturday, 8/22: John O’Connor
Saturday, 8/22: Scott Dow
Saturday, 8/22: Dr. Habib Sadeghi
Saturday, 8/29: Tracy Malone
Saturday, 8/29: Christy McGlothin
Saturday, 8/29: Wayne Rohde

Guests from September

Saturday, 9/05: Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom
Saturday, 9/12: Phil Harvey
Saturday, 9/12: Juan Passarelli
Saturday, 9/12: Art in Philly
Saturday, 9/19: James Perloff
Saturday, 9/19: Marc Aronson
Saturday, 9/26: Stefan Verstappen

Guests from October

Saturday, 10/03: Clint Richardson
Saturday, 10/10: Legalman
Saturday, 10/10: Rev. Frederick D. Shaw Jr.
Saturday, 10/17: Vicky Davis
Saturday, 10/24: Hugh Turley & John H. Clarke
Saturday, 10/24: David Marlon
Saturday, 10/31: Fred Gransville

Guests from November

Saturday, 11/07: Robert K. Wilcox
Saturday, 11/14: Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom will be guest hosting for Deanna
Saturday, 11/21: Eileen Dannemann
Saturday, 11/21: Stefan Verstappen
Saturday, 11/28: Max Igan

Guests from December

Saturday, 12/05: Hartford Van Dyke
Saturday, 12/05: Vincent Bruno
Saturday, 12/12: Allan Stevo
Saturday, 12/12: Jerry Day
Saturday, 12/19: Clint Richardson
Saturday, 12/26: Greg Felton
Saturday, 12/26: James Perloff

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