Guests from January

Friday, 1/01: New Year’s Day
Saturday, 1/02: Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones
Thursday, 1/07: Tony Pantalleresco 🌿 eliminating nano particles
Friday, 1/08: Steve from California, mandatory vaccine laws πŸ’‰
Saturday, 1/09: Dr. Betty Martini, aspartame toxicity ☠️
Thursday, 1/14: Deanna, genocide, the Noahide Laws ✑
Friday, 1/15: Heather Bowser, Tanya Mack and Val Ouillette
Saturday, 1/16: James Lancia, “Downtown White Police:” … πŸš”
Thursday, 1/21: Clint Richardson
Friday, 1/22: Roger Sayles
Saturday, 1/23: Michael Walsh, Books
Thursday, 1/28: Lark in Texas
Friday, 1/29: Larry Engel, the Super Bowl and ritual sacrifice
Saturday, 1/30: Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom, Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust,

Guests from February

Thursday, 2/04: Mark R. Elsis Holocaust Revisionism
Friday, 2/05: Marlin B. Newburn, clinical psychologist, forensic psychology
Saturday, 2/06: Dr. Walt Brown, the JFK assassination, Books
Thursday, 2/11: Wayne Rohde, The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth … πŸ’‰
Friday, 2/12: Art from Philly
Saturday, 2/13: Dr. Jennifer Daniels MD
Thursday, 2/18: Tony Pantalleresco 🌿
Friday, 2/19: Larry Engel, Super Bowl, the death of Antonin Scalia
Saturday, 2/20: Colin Flaherty and Marlin B. Newburn
Thursday, 2/25: Randy Engel, author of Marrano and other books
Friday, 2/26: Deanna, Dr. Richard Day’s revelations from March 1969
Saturday, 2/27: Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom

Guests from March

Thursday, 3/03: Dr. David Kennedy
Friday, 3/04: Pam Killeen 🍡 🍜 🍲 πŸ”
Saturday, 3/05: Glendene Grant ~ Leslie Carol Botha and Susan Price
Thursday, 3/10: Rich Scheben, One New York Man’s Journey to Off Grid …
Friday, 3/11: 6-6:30: Maureen Ferguson of The Catholic Association, OLF
Saturday, 3/12: Roman Bystrianyk, Dissolving Illusions πŸ’‰ Chris Fogarty ☘
Thursday, 3/17: Thomas Goodrich and Taylor McClain
Friday, 3/18: Mike Campbell, Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last: … πŸ›©
Saturday, 3/19: Christina England and Sallie O. Elkordy
Thursday, 3/24: Dr. Gerard J. Gianoli, Doctors Out; Elect. Medical Records In
Friday, 3/25: Julie A. Ketterman, Houston Texas CPS Lawyer
Saturday, 3/26: Michael Walsh, Books
Thursday, 3/31: Heather Bowser, Tanya Mack and Val Ouillette (Rebroadcast)

Guests from April

Friday, 4/01: David Shurter, Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s …
Saturday, 4/02: Kevin Mugur Galalae, Second Vatican Hunger Strike
Thursday, 4/07: James Perloff and Rachael L. McIntosh
Friday, 4/08: Robert K. Wilcox, Target Patton: The Plot to Assassinate …
Saturday, 4/09: Kieron Wood, author of Ike’s Irish Lover: The Echo of a Sigh
Monday, 4/11: subbing for Art from Philly, Tony Pantalleresco 🌿
Thursday, 4/14: Brandon Martinez (Rebroadcast)
Friday, 4/15: Dr. Betty Martini (Rebroadcast)
Saturday, 4/16: Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom (Rebroadcast)
Thursday, 4/21: Richard Duane Willing
Friday, 4/22: (Rebroadcast)
Saturday, 4/23: (Rebroadcast)
Thursday, 4/28: Dr. Nancy T. Banks
Friday, 4/29: Stefan H. Verstappen
Saturday, 4/30: Mark R. Elsis ✌ Hitler’s Peace Plans

Guests from May

Saturday, 5/07: Thomas L. Rodgers ~ Dr. Linda Lagemann
Saturday, 5/14: Walter M. Brasch Ph.D ~ Clint Richardson
Saturday, 5/21: Dr. Linda Lagemann, Kenny and Tony
Saturday, 5/28: Susan N. Thompson

Guests from June

Saturday, 6/04: Stefan H. Verstappen ~ Amie Valpone
Saturday, 6/11: Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom ~ Bernice Jones
Saturday, 6/18: Dr. Tamzin Rosenwasser ~ Suzanne Maher
Saturday, 6/25: David ‘DC Dave’ Martin ~ Clint Richardson

Guests from July

Saturday, 7/02: Dr. Betty Martini and Stephen Fox
Saturday, 7/09: Sallie O. Elkordy, MMR vaccine since the 1970s
Saturday, 7/16: Dennis Wise, Truth Will Out Films
Saturday, 7/23: James Perloff WW2
Saturday, 7/30: Diane Kepus ~ Daniel Miller

Guests from August

Saturday, 8/06: Geraldine Perry, Books ~ Theresa, Halbig Chronicle$ πŸ™„
Saturday, 8/13: Buthaina Neveln ~ Dr. Tarek Farag
Saturday, 8/20: David ‘DC Dave’ Martin
Saturday, 8/27: David Shurter ~ Dolly Kyle

Guests from September

Saturday, 9/03: (Rebroadcast)
Saturday, 9/10: Kim, domestic violence, sexual abuse in the LDS Church
Saturday, 9/17: Dr. Betty Martini ~ Brandy Vaughan ~ C. J. Frompovich
Saturday, 9/24: Thomas Goodrich, Valerie and Alex

Guests from October

Saturday, 10/01: Clint Richardson
Saturday, 10/08: Brett Wilcox
Saturday, 10/15: 1st hour: Dolly Kyle ~ Deanna & Jen, Mormonism
Saturday, 10/22: Wendy Cicchetti
Saturday, 10/29: Gareth Thomas ~ Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom

Guests from November

Saturday, 11/05: Gary J. Byrne ~ Cynthia A. Sandor
Saturday, 11/12: Gareth Thomas, elections and the aftermath
Saturday, 11/19: Rick Simpson, Phoenix Tears 🌿
Saturday, 11/26: Mark R. Elsis JFK

Guests from December

Saturday, 12/03: Dennis Wise
Saturday, 12/10: Donald C. Brockett ~ Dr. Paul A. Byrne and Bernice Jones
Saturday, 12/17: Michael Walsh, Books
Saturday, 12/24: Christmas Eve πŸŽ„ (Rebroadcast)
Saturday, 12/31: New Year’s Eve (Rebroadcast)

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