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Dr. Patricia Jordan

(Updated: 6/10/19)

Health Benefits of Taking Aloe Vera Orally
Treats indigestion and relieves heartburn
Strengthens heart and does well-improving blood count
Enhances the function of the urinary tract
Relieves arthritis-induced inflammation
Strengthens and heals gums
Stimulates leucocytes & healthy cells production in patients with cancer
Regulates blood sugar
Treats digestive disorders

Health Benefits of Using Aloe Vera Topically
Relieves itching caused by bug bites
Heals burns and sunburns
Moisturizes and nourishes skin
Reduces wrinkles
Substitute for shampoo
Substitute for shaving gel
Speeds up the healing of wounds
Soothes skin problems like rashes, boils, and others
Treats eczema and acne

💡 Natural weed killer: Mix one gallon of white vinegar with two cups of Epsom salt and one quarter cup of blue Dawn dishwashing liquid.

🌱 Organic food is food that uses or is produced with fertilizers of animal or vegetable matter, using no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. It is free from chemical injections or additives, such as antibiotics or hormones.

🌿 Eucalyptus essential oil is most commonly obtained from the Blue Gum Eucalyptus tree, though hundreds of species exist. The broad leaves, which grow in opposite pairs on square stems, yield the essential oil (eucalyptus globulus) which is steam distilled for extraction.
The tree is a towering, aromatic evergreen native to Australia where its essential oil has been utilized for centuries in far-ranging wellness traditions.
It is one of the most functional and versatile essential oils in the world, celebrated by Australia’s Aborigines. The Aborigines inherently recognized the leaves’ wellness-promoting properties, and used them to support their skin health. Eucalyptus was first distilled in 1788 when it was used to treat problems of the chest and has since become a common natural supporter for respiratory health. Traditional Chinese Medicine classifies it as tonic of the lung Qi, where it is used to assist with breathing function, and is associated with the moon and feminine energy. This nurturing energy is believed to be important to those who are vulnerable to illness or in need of purification from emotional stress.

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