Guests from January

Wednesday, 1/01: New Years Day
Thursday, 1/02: Mark R. Elsis
Friday, 1/03: Rodney Martin talks about the NSDAP in the Reichstag

Monday, 1/06: Dr. Lorraine Day, the Noahide Laws
Tuesday, 1/07: Dr. Lorraine Day, health
Wednesday, 1/08: Dr. Lorraine Day, health
Thursday, 1/09:
Friday, 1/10: Dr. Paul Byrne & Bernice Jones, Life Guardian Foundation

Monday, 1/13: Art from Philly, No Place For Corruption
Tuesday, 1/14: Dr. Ricardo Duchesne, Uniqueness of Western Civilization
Wednesday, 1/15: Deanna talks about Sandy Hook Elementary School
Thursday, 1/16: Dr. Jennifer Daniels
Friday, 1/17: Dr. Linda Lagemann, The DSM Controversy

Monday, 1/20: Larry Engel
Tuesday, 1/21: Lark in Texas, the background of Organ Donations
Wednesday, 1/22: Joe Cortina
Thursday, 1/23: Deanna, more about Sandy Hook Elementary School
Friday, 1/24: Richard Duane Willing, MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION

Monday, 1/27: Deanna talks about the Holocaust Commemoration
Tuesday, 1/28: Rodney Martin talks about Hitchcock & Bergen-Belsen
Wednesday, 1/29: Dr. Jennifer Daniels (Rebroadcast) (MP3)
Thursday, 1/30: Lloyd Burrell, Beating Electrical Sensitivity, the Path to Tread
Friday, 1/31: Sherry Peel Jackson

Guests from February

Monday, 2/03: John DiNardo
Tuesday, 2/04: Hans Krampe πŸ’
Wednesday, 2/05: Keith Johnson, Sandy Hook School
Thursday, 2/06: Dr. David Healy, the author of Pharmageddon
Friday, 2/07: Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, author of many books

Monday, 2/10: Christina England, children’s health advocate
Tuesday, 2/11: Dr. Linda Lagemann, psychiatric drugging, Hidden Enemy
Wednesday, 2/12: Beverly K. Eakman, speaker and author of several books.
Thursday, 2/13: Dr. Judy Wood, author of Where Did the Towers Go?
Friday, 2/14: Tony Pantalleresco, herbalist

Monday, 2/17: Dennis Wise, Adolph Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told!
Tuesday, 2/18: Tom Gambill, attacks on individual US military veterans
Wednesday, 2/19: Larry Engel talks about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death
Thursday, 2/20: Deanna, Sandy Hook Elementary School
Friday, 2/21: Dr. Walter M. Brasch, author of Fracking Pennsylvania

Monday, 2/24: Sheila Matthews, co-founder of AbleChild.org
Tuesday, 2/25: Charlotte Iserbyt πŸ™‚ Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
Wednesday, 2/26: Rodney Martin, World View Foundations
Thursday, 2/27: Mark R. Elsis, Holocaust Revisionism
Friday, 2/28: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Guests from March

Monday, 3/03: Michael Walsh, author, poet, writer :mrgreen:
Tuesday, 3/04: Wolfgang Halbig
Wednesday, 3/05: Eric Hunt, The Last Days of the Big Lie
Thursday, 3/06: Buthaina from Iraq
Friday, 3/07: Karl Radl, regarding the kosher food tax

Sunday, 3/09: Operation Censorship, Larry Engel
Sunday, 3/16: Art from Philly
Sunday, 3/23: Dennis Fetcho
Sunday, 3/30: Keith Johnson and Wade, Sandy Hook School shooting

Guests from April

Sunday, 4/06: Mark R. Elsis
Sunday, 4/13: Richard Duane Willing
Sunday, 4/20: 30.06
Sunday, 4/27: Eric Hunt

Guests from May

Sunday, 5/04: Heather Bowser ~ Sheila Matthews Gallo
Sunday, 5/11: Deanna, Happy Mother’s Day
Sunday, 5/18: Rodney Martin, Third Reich History and Lore
Sunday, 5/25: Dr. Linda Lagemann ~ Stan White ~ Bruce Wiseman

Guests from June

Sunday, 6/01: Dr. Jeanne M. Stolzer
Sunday, 6/08: Phillip Tourney
Sunday, 6/15: Christina England ~ Tony Pantalleresco
Sunday, 6/22: Christina England ~ Buthaina from Iraq ~ Monika Wesolowski
Sunday, 6/29: Mary Tocco ~ Bruce Wiseman (MP3) 😑 ➑ 1st hour only

Guests from July

Sunday, 7/06: J. Malcolm Garcia ~ Sheila Matthews Gallo
Sunday, 7/13: Jenifer Dixon ~ Dr. Betty Martini
Sunday, 7/20: Veronica Clark, author of Truth for Germany
Sunday, 7/27: Art from Philly ~ Keith Johnson

Guests from August

Sunday, 8/03: Dr. Linda Lagemann ~ Bruce Wiseman
Sunday, 8/10: Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Roman Bystrianyk, Christina England
Sunday, 8/17: Dr. Toby Watson ~ Mark R. Elsis
Sunday, 8/24: Thomas Goodrich, Dr. Brian S. Hooker, Patricia Weathers
Sunday, 8/31: Dennis Wise, Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told

Guests from September

Sunday, 9/07: Andrew Johnson, Dr. Judy Wood, Where Did the Towers Go?
Sunday, 9/14: Evelyn Hutcheson, Frederick Shaw, Buthaina from Iraq
Sunday, 9/21: Christina England ~ John DiNardo
Sunday, 9/28: Sheila Matthews from AbleChild ~ David McGowan πŸ’

Guests from October

Sunday, 10/05: Allison Folmar, Dr. Kaayla Daniel, Roman Bystrianyk
Sunday, 10/12: Deborah Tavares, StopTheCrime.net
Sunday, 10/19: Beth Clay, Roman Bystrianyk
Sunday, 10/26: Brandon Martinez ~ Heather A. Bowser

Guests from November

Sunday, 11/02: Kelly Patricia O’Meara, Fred Shaw, Dr. Linda Lagemann
Sunday, 11/09: Jim Dolan, Laurus Foundation
Sunday, 11/16: Kelly Patricia O’Meara ~ Judyth Vary Baker
Sunday, 11/23: Dr. Kenneth Stoller ~ Clint Richardson
Sunday, 11/30: Dr. Toby Watson ~ Thomas Goodrich

Guests from December

Sunday, 12/07: Jeanice Barcelo, Dr. Bart Billings
Sunday, 12/14: C. W. Wade, Keith Johnson
Sunday, 12/21: Mike Campbell, Les Kinney, Dick Spink | Dr. Linda Lagemann
Sunday, 12/28: Lynne Farrow, Dr. Arden Gifford, Dr. Betty Martini

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