Wood, Wrightstone and Dannemann

Patrick M. Wood, Gregory Wrightstone and Eileen Dannemann were Deanna’s fine guests this sunny afternoon. Topics discussed were freedom of speech, alarmist myths concerning our ever changing climate and the adverse effects of injecting toxic ingredients into a healthy body.
👉 Patrick M. Wood (MP3)
👉 Gregory Wrightstone (MP3)
👉 Eileen Dannemann (MP3)

Dr. Shola Ezeokoli

Deanna’s guest this afternoon was Dr. Shola Ezeokoli, a medical doctor, speaker, professional coach and strategist who offers workshops, seminars, keynote speaking and coaching geared towards achieving personal growth through living a life of balance and total harmony. (MP3)
👉 Balance with Dr. Shola 🖥 Shola Shade Ezeokoli

Clint Richardson

Clint Richardson guest hosted for Deanna this afternoon. Clint shared with listeners some of his ongoing research in to the creation of the United States. (MP3)
👉 https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/, https://thecorporationnation.com/, http://www.strawmanstory.info/

Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco, Deanna’s favorite herbalist from Canada and one of the most requested guests by listeners returned this afternoon for an enjoyable and informative three hours. (MP3)
🖥 Herbalistic Videos from Tony and Dave 🌿 😃

Clint Richardson

Clint Richardson was Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon to talk about one of his latest projects regarding the control of persons residing in the United States. (MP3)
👉 https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/, https://thecorporationnation.com/, http://www.strawmanstory.info/
👉 U.S. national health expenditure as percent of GDP from 1960 to 2018

Ingri Cassell

Ingri Cassell visited with Deanna this afternoon to talk about vaccines. 💉 (MP3)
👉 Vaccination Liberation, http://www.vaclib.org/keywords.htm, http://www.vaclib.org/intro/microbiome.htm, http://vaclib.org/intro/vaccination101.htm, Vaccine Contamination
👉 A Stolen Life, Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth, The Vaccine Religion: Mass Mind & The Struggle for Human Freedom
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Glenn Reschke ~ Eileen Dannemann

Deanna’s first guest this afternoon maintains a website you may not be aware of. Glenn Reschke’s Your Cayenne Pepper Guide started out as a simple website ten years ago to share information about this wonderful and inexpensive herb and has grown to now include the health benefits, the differences of heat ratings, recommendations, resources and testimonials. (MP3)

Eileen Dannemann was Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon. Eileen is the Founder and director of the National Coalition of Organized Women. As a veteran activist, Eileen has been one of the most important influences in the National awareness campaign on Genetic Engineering of the US Food supply, Safeguarding the Organic label from GMOs, Influencing the drafting of National Organic Standards as it pertains to GMOs and Initiating Mother’s for Natural Law. As founder of Vaccine Liberation Army Eileen shares the dangers of vaccinations. (MP3)

Christina England ~ Bill Bullard

Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon was Christina England, an independent children’s health advocate, researcher, writer, co-author of Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis – Are Parents Being Falsely Accused? and co-author, with Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD, of Vaccination Policy and the U.K. Government: The Untold Truth. (MP3)
👉 ACILIS by Spritzer High Silica Content Bottled Water, Spritzer, We Are Vaxxed

Bill Bullard from R-CALF USA was Deanna’s second guest this afternoon to talk about independent US cattle producers versus mislabeled beef from foreign countries. (MP3)
👉 The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business

Jeanice Barcelo ~ Open Lines

Jeanice Barcelo, author of Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine: Exposing Systematic Violence During Hospital Birth and the Hijacking of Human Love was Deanna’s guest for the first half of this afternoon’s broadcast. (MP3)
Websites: Birth Of A New Earth, Blogspot
🖥 Pornography and the Deliberate Manipulation of Human Sexuality

Deanna took calls from listeners during the remainder of this broadcast. (MP3)

Dr. Nancy T. Banks

Deanna welcomed back this afternoon Dr. Nancy T. Banks, author of AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, the Deadly Virus of International Greed and her most recent book, The Slow Death of the AIDS/Cancer Paradigm: and the Apocrypha of the Eukaryotic Cell to talk about her Manifesto for a New Healthcare Model. (MP3)

Thomas Goodrich and Hilde ~ Tony Pantalleresco

Thomas Goodrich and Hilde joined Deanna this afternoon for a friendly discussion regarding current events as well as some historical matters. (MP3)

Tony Pantalleresco, Deanna’s favorite herbalist from Canada returned for hour three this afternoon to talk about the ramifications of Amazon’s buying of Whole Foods and to discuss general health issues. (MP3)

Dr. Betty Martini ~ Brandy Vaughan ~ Catherine J. Frompovich

As September is National Aspartame Awareness Month Dr. Betty Martini was Deanna’s returning guest for the first hour to update listeners on the FDA’s approved, incessant and never-ending aspartame poisoning of the generally ignorant populace. (MP3)
Websites: Mission Possible World Health International, World Natural Health Organization, Aspartame & Aspartame Poisoning Information

Brandy Vaughan, a former pharmaceutical representative who founded the Council for Vaccine Safety in response to one of the nation’s first mandatory vaccination for education laws, SB277 in California and who then last year started a new campaign, Learn The Risk.Org was Deanna’s second guest this afternoon. (MP3)

Catherine J. Frompovich, who was in practice as a consulting nutritionist for numerous years and author of Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines and two recent must-read articles, ALERT: U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS to Round Up and Detain Citizens En Masse Anytime, Anywhere and Throw Away the Key and The “Spider’s Web” of Controlling Factors 2016: Understanding the CDC’s Power-grab Proposed Rule on Communicable Diseases was Deanna’s third guest this afternoon. Catherine’s most recent book, Eat to Beat Disease: Foods Medicinal Qualities is now also available. (MP3)
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Dr. Nancy T. Banks

Deanna’s guest this evening was Dr. Nancy T. Banks. A previous guest and author too, Dr. Banks released AIDS, Opium, Diamonds & Empire: The Deadly Virus of International Greed in 2010. Nancy is a graduate of the Harvard Medical School where she trained in surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, and gynecological oncology. She practiced general obstetrics and gynecology for twenty-five years. Dr. Banks now writes and lectures on health and wellness issues and should have a new book, Deconstructing the AIDS/Cancer Paradigm, A Guide to the Theory of Cell Dis-Symbiosis available in the fall. (MP3)

Kevin Mugur Galalae

Deanna’s guest this afternoon was Kevin Mugur Galalae, a very active gentleman from Canada who has been exposing the UN population control agenda for about five years. He is currently preparing for his second Vatican hunger strike and talked about his research into the ruling elite’s depopulation plan, some of his documentation and books. (MP3)
Relevant Links: Stop Depopulation by Vaccination / GoFundMe page
Killing Us Softly ~ Kevin Mugur Galalae
Peace Without Poison ~ Kevin Mugur Galalae
The Subversion of Medicine and Public Health by International Security Prerogatives
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Merge-Santo: New Threat to Food Sovereignty
Pediatrics Journal says to stop calling breastfeeding natural

Wayne Rohde

Deanna’s guest this evening was Wayne Rohde, the author of The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Wayne is the father of Nick Rohde, a vaccine-injured child who regressed into severe autism after receiving his first set of childhood vaccinations. The book is about his investigation of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and the families who are desperately trying to navigate their way through it. The Vaccine Court (MP3)

Steve from California

Steve from California who is a frequent listener and caller to RBN and who also works in the medical field visited with Deanna this evening to talk about the mandatory vaccine laws and related issues, such as California’s SB-277 bill, No on SB-277 and HR-2232. (MP3)

Christina England

Research Journalist Christina England joined Deanna this afternoon from across the pond. Christina holds a Higher National Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies. Her written articles may be found at VacTruth, GreenMedInfo and The Liberty Beacon. She is the co-author along with Harold Buttram M.D. of Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis – Are Parents Being Falsely Accused?. Christina and co-author Lucija Tomljenovic PhD have just completed and published Vaccination Policy and the U.K. Government: The Untold Truth. (MP3)
Websites: Parents and Carers Against Medical Injustice, Profitable Harm