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  1. Great to hear Clint back again, I’ve missed his talks, in my opinion the best you will get. I always feel that if I’m not pissed off by what I read/hear then it’s probably not the truth as we live in a world where ‘satan’ and the gods of darkness rule so common sense should tell us that what we think we know and believe and have been taught is not true, truth under these conditions will hurt. Glad to hear ya Clint and to know that ya well.

  2. Clint Richardson … I’ve tried listening to him for several years now and all he ever does is stir the pot … stir, stir, stir, until there’s nothing left but a bunch of useless baloney. And I do mean useless!!

  3. I’m an aspie ( aspergers syndrome ) so do have problems communicating what I want to say, it often comes out different, but I have a question Deanna. A doctor takes an Oath, the Hippocratic Oath, to do no harm, is that legally binding? I mean if a doctor prescribes a drug, which all drugs have so called side effects which are in fact known diseases, and fails to notify you of the possible diseases it may cause, is that not causing harm therefore in breach of his Oath? I suspect it is not legally binding.

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