O’Connor, Allen and Howard

John O’Connor, Drew Allen and Dylan Howard were Deanna’s guests this Saturday afternoon. Topics discussed were packing of the US Supreme Court, the re-opening of businesses in Oregon and the British Royals.
👉 John O’Connor (MP3)
👉 Drew Allen (MP3)
👉 Dylan Howard (MP3)
👉 🖥 Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P – Episode 44

Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones

Deanna’s guests today were Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones from, Life Guardian Foundation to talk about brain death and the egregious practice of organ harvesting. (MP3)
A Definition of Irreversible Coma, Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

Wood, Wrightstone and Dannemann

Patrick M. Wood, Gregory Wrightstone and Eileen Dannemann were Deanna’s fine guests this sunny afternoon. Topics discussed were freedom of speech, alarmist myths concerning our ever changing climate and the adverse effects of injecting toxic ingredients into a healthy body.
👉 Patrick M. Wood (MP3)
👉 Gregory Wrightstone (MP3)
👉 Eileen Dannemann (MP3)

Tony Pantalleresco

Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon was Tony Pantalleresco who talked about brainwashing and government corruption. (MP3)
🖥 Under the Silver Lake – Elite scheme scene, Diana, the Royal Truth, NETWORK, Sidney Lumet, 1976 – I’m Mad As Hell and I’m Not Gonna Take This Anymore!, Howard Beale: Turn off your TVs

Dr. Martin L. Pall

Deanna’s guest this Saturday afternoon was Dr. Martin L. Pall, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. (MP3)
👉 🖥 Prof. Martin L. Pall in Tallinn, Dr. Pall “The 5G Rollout Is Absolutely Insane.”
Dr. Pall letter to California Legislators, 5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them by Dr. Martin L. Pall
Google Scholar, EMF Facts, EMFs and Intracellular Calcium – Magnesium is nature’s calcium channel blocker, 5G and bushfires, Dr. Pall’s Synapse Formation, Corporate Ties that Bind: An Examination of Corporate Manipulation and Vested Interest in Public Health, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology, Explaining ‘Unexplained Illnesses’: Disease Paradigm for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Gulf War Syndrome

Norbert Heuser

Norbert Heuser, CEO of IPC USA, the developers of Protect Pro Technology was Deanna’s guest this afternoon. Norbert presented to the listeners a very thorough explanation of how microwave radiation may effect their health. (MP3)
👉 IPC Global, 5G and More, Here comes 5G, Cell Phone Radiation Leads to Cancer, Electromagnetic Waves and the Health Impacts, How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation, Safest Cell Phone: Breakthrough Technology, EM Facts, 5G: A Plan To Depopulate Earth?, Scientific Progress – Wireless Phones and Brain Cancer: Current State of the Science, AntennaSearch

Dave Gahary ~ USS Liberty

Dave Gahary, co-author with Phil Tourney of the book, Erasing the Liberty talked about the attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967. Dave’s ongoing research and new information was revealed during this afternoon’s broadcast as well as an update on the status of the full length film, Erasing the Liberty of which Dave is the producer. (MP3)
👉 Erasing the Liberty | Israel’s massacre on the USS Liberty
👉 New revelations in attack on American spy ship (2007)

Christina England

Research Journalist Christina England joined Deanna for an hour this afternoon from across the pond. Christina holds a Higher National Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies. She is the co-author along with Harold Buttram M.D. of Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis – Are Parents Being Falsely Accused? Christina and co-author Lucija Tomljenovic PhD published Vaccination Policy and the U.K. Government: The Untold Truth. Her most recent compilation is now available in a new book, Shattered Dreams: The HPV Vaccine Exposed. (MP3)
👉 Profitable Harm

Roman Bystrianyk

Roman Bystrianyk was Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon. Roman is co-author, along with Suzanne Humphries, MD, of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History. Today’s broadcast focused on the measles vaccine and environmental pollution. (MP3)
👉 Dissolving Illusions, Vaccine Graphs, Measles and Measles Vaccines: 14 Things To Consider

Clint Richardson

Clint Richardson guest hosted for Deanna this afternoon. Clint shared with listeners some of his ongoing research in to the creation of the United States. (MP3)
👉 https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/, https://thecorporationnation.com/, http://www.strawmanstory.info/

Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco, Deanna’s favorite herbalist from Canada and one of the most requested guests by listeners returned this afternoon for an enjoyable and informative three hours. (MP3)
🖥 Herbalistic Videos from Tony and Dave 🌿 😃

Clint Richardson

Clint Richardson was Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon to talk about one of his latest projects regarding the control of persons residing in the United States. (MP3)
👉 https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/, https://thecorporationnation.com/, http://www.strawmanstory.info/
👉 U.S. national health expenditure as percent of GDP from 1960 to 2018