One comment on “Clint Richardson

  1. It appears this was going to be a fabulous topic, but the guest was not clear – due to her hell-phone connection.
    It should be standard that when people present information through audio, hell-phones need to be avoided..they are a terrorizing format and the audio is grating, distorted and made me feel vertigo.
    Clint was clear as a bell. That kind of standard..should be set up before hand – even though internet radio is like fake meat (not REAL radio..)… the same basics should apply for legibility. Your guest of ‘please stop the ride’ .. is taking all this caution to keep supporting I a co-op for food ect but she’s transmitting and absorbing GHZ frequencies for 3 hours ..? That is odd.
    Couldn’t hear the guest for 80% of the time. I found I was already subbed to her youtube account..she’s the lady connected to Pat Jordan.


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