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  1. This guy spent most of the show bashing the Japanese on how horrible they were and nothing was said about the Russians who were the true enemies of civilization. Am not defending the Japanese as the good guys but they were defending their homeland from Soviet Communism. And the U.S provoked the Pearl Harbor attack through economic embargoes. He said there’s a difference between defending and murder. He’s correct except during WW2 Japan was no threat to the U.S. Marxism was and always has been the real enemy. So who or what are we defending? Certainly, the U.S. military is not the defender of freedom but an invader and occupier. What the U.S. military is doing around the world is murder! Am sure Japan was going to use the A-bomb against their enemy, Russia.

  2. Armand: I wasn’t bashing Japan. I was telling the little-known story of their probably successful little-known atomic bomb program during WWII. As I detailed, they were very proficient, just different from us. Also, I said a lot about the Soviets. They swooped in and took the Japanese atomic plants in Korea and kept the U.S. out, at least once shooting down our planes when we tried to see what they were doing. I don’t understand your statement that Japan during WWII was no threat to the U.S. Many Americans died fighting Japan. I have great respect for the Japanese who mostly were and are anti-communist. Japan is now a bulwark against that threat. I don’t think you listened much to what I was saying and doubt you read my book, Japan’s Secret War 3rd edition. Japan is shown to have been very strong in it.

  3. Glad to see you back posting shows up here, and with such a great guest also.

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