Mark Taliano ~ Mariam Alfatah

Mark Taliano, author of Voices From Syria was Deanna’s guest for the first half of today’s broadcast. His past writings are available online here. (MP3)

Gaddafi Cloud
Mariam Alfatah visited with Deanna during the second half of the broadcast this afternoon to talk about what really happened in Libya. (MP3)
Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Libya Under Gaddafi’s So-called Dictatorship
🖥 What Does it Mean to be a Friend of Israel?
🖥 The Security of Israel Depends on Arab Tyranny

Diane King and Jim Rizoli

After a couple of weeks off for rest and the start of recovering from an in house feline management exercise, Deanna returned this afternoon with two new guests. Diane King and Jim Rizoli were originally scheduled to discuss the censorship of books at Amazon but due to the bombing in Syria this week, that and other topics were talked about. (MP3)
👉 Concerned Citizens and Friends of illegal Immigration Law Enforcement

Brandon Martinez ~ Sencha MacRae

Brandon Martinez visited with Deanna and listeners for the first hour of today’s broadcast. (MP3)
Websites: Martinez Perspective, Non-Aligned Media

Deanna’s guest for hours two and three today was Sencha MacRae. (MP3)