Brandon Martinez ~ Sencha MacRae

Brandon Martinez visited with Deanna and listeners for the first hour of today’s broadcast. (MP3)
Websites: Martinez Perspective, Non-Aligned Media

Deanna’s guest for hours two and three today was Sencha MacRae. (MP3)

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  1. I’m glad you mentioned the Alex Jones David Duke debate if you can call it that. It was clear that David dominated the conversation. It was clear that Alex couldn’t articulate a defense and consequently Ron Jacobson pulled the videos in which I thought Alex pulled the videos. Can you get David Duke on for an interview in the future?


  2. I have mixed emotions about Alex Jones. Sometimes I like to praise him, and sometimes I would like to bash his head. I don’t know what to make of him. Anyways, am glad we have Deanna as an alternative to Alex Jones.


  3. I’d like to comment on the Putin worship issue raised during both interviews. Sencha MacRae wants to believe in fairy tales, and she admitted that much during the interview. Believing in fairy tales is something we all do when we are young, but at some point we need to grow up and face reality, which is different. No, Putin did not throw out the oligarchs. What he did was he told them to stay out of politics, or else. Everybody got the message, except Khodorkovsky, who persisted and was therefore punished – he was jailed and lost his business in Russia. All the other oligarchs kept their businesses and assets that they stole during the privatization in the 1990s. And no, Putin didn’t do a lot for the Russian people. He did do a lot for the Moscow-based power elites and people that are serving them there, who benefitted a lot from the influx of petrodollars during the period of high oil prices in the years 2000-2013. What the rest of the population got was high inflation as a result of the Central Bank buying up all these petrodollars with printed money. The high inflation impoverished them. This is especially true for the countryside, which was simply devastated. Many small farmers lost their farms and went to the cities to find jobs. Many villages were abandoned. In those that weren’t, people are finding it hard to survive. Alcoholism is rampant there. The roads are potholed, houses rickety. The countryside now looks like it was bombed out. But you won’t see it on RT.

    One caller mentioned that Putin ‘stood up to the gays during Sochi Olympics’ and that he signed a law prohibiting the propaganda of homosexuality among children, which obviously is supposed to show what a stand up guy he is. Well, I’m not sure what the caller meant by ‘standing up to gays during the Olympics’, but the reality is that even though the law referred to above (which was actually a law on the propaganda of ‘non-traditional sexual relationships’ and not just homosexuality) was indeed signed by Putin, this law is simply nothing, a sick joke on all of us. The liability it establishes for propagandizing the ‘non-traditional sexual relationships’ among children is ridiculous – only fines of 4000-5000 rubles (about $80-$90 at current exchange rate). Imprisonment is not mentioned. And then, the law doesn’t prohibit the propaganda of ‘non-traditional relationships’ among adults, so the LGBTs can continue doing what they were doing. They should be quite happy with this law actually, because everything is legit now, and because it will not work in practice, just like the law on prostitution doesn’t work in practice, even though the liabilities there are higher, because there are as many as 1 million prostitutes in Russia now, according to the Russian Ministry of the Interior, and nobody cares. So all this is just empty noise. But the headlines, the headlines it generated! Oh, the alternative media in the West just loved it. That’s how they fool you, folks.

    Now, regarding the Brandon Martinez interview. I agree with almost everything that he said, with some minor corrections. It is not quite right to say that Putin is guilty of meddling in another country’s affairs, when referring to the Ukraine conflict. What Putin is guilty of is aiding and abetting the Jews who are running both sides of this conflict, as usual. This is because both Russia and Ukraine are Zionist-occupied governments. Also, Ukraine was sometimes part of the Russian Empire and there are many Russians still living there, mostly in the Eastern Ukraine. This is exactly like the situation with German minorities after WW1, when the countries of Austria and Czechoslovakia were created by the Versaille treaty (read Jews) in the borders that included significant German minorities. This was done on purpose, as a time bomb to be detonated later. Similarly, Ukraine’s borders were originally established during the Soviet period by Jews who were in power in the Soviet Union and are still in power in Russia now. In these borders, Ukraine included significant Russian minorities, and I’m sure this was done on purpose, as a time bomb. What they have done now is they have detonated this time bomb. The only question is what are they planning next. But in any case, in this situation of a managed conflict it is quite pointless to accuse Putin of meddling in the affairs of Ukraine. What he is guilty of is helping the Jews to set up this mess.

    Brandon mentioned that a law was passed in Russia on the ban of historical revisionism, and it is true but actually, this law is about prohibiting ‘the fascist propaganda’. If you publicly express doubt about the verdicts of the Nuremberg trials and ‘deny the crimes of the Nazis’, you can be fined for up to 300,000 rubles ($4,600) or imprisoned for up to 3 years. So it is quite a bit more severe that for the LGBT propaganda. So here’s your Putin, the stand up guy. Why would he be so afraid of the truth about WW2 coming out, I wonder?

    Finally, regarding the idea of Moscow being the Third Rome that Brandon mentioned, it is actually not an official Kremlin propaganda but is something that the Russian Orthodox Christians believe in. The idea is that true Christianity under Roman Empire was the First Rome, then it was upheld by the Byzantine Empire (the Second Rome) until it fell, and then it was being upheld by the Russian Empire (the Third Rome). This is all because of the schism between the Western and Eastern Christianity one thousand years ago and is basically a religious idea. The Russian Orthodox Christians still see the Catholic Church as decadent and promote the idea of Russia being the center of true Christianity. The Kremlin spin doctors have nothing to do with this, instead they are spinning Putin as the next great Russian statesman, starting with Catherine II, Peter I, continuing with Stalin, and then Putin. That’s why they whitewash Stalin now.


  4. Brandon also mentioned that the only opposition newspaper in Russia is the Novaya Gazeta, but actually this is not quite true, because this newspaper is very pro-Zionist and pro-Western and never ever mentions the J word in a negative light, so they are not a true opposition. They do criticize Putin and the government a lot, though. A lot of people in Russia understand that the Putin regime is corrupt, but many of such people falsely believe that the West is democratic and if only Russia became just like the West, everything would be fine. Novaya Gazeta represents this point of view. The true critics of the Putin regime are either behind bars under trumped up charges, like Colonel Kvachkov, or harassed constantly like Boris Mironov who dared to mention publicly that he didn’t like the Jews, and then spent 4 years trying to defend himself in courts. Just for mentioning that he didn’t like the Jews! That should tell you who is in power in Russia. You can criticize the Americans or the Jesuits or whoever all you want, and nobody will care, but just try criticizing the Jews! That’s the reality and not some fairy tale.


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