Michael Walsh ~ Jeff Clayton

Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel
International Journalist, Broadcaster, Author, and Poet Michael Walsh was Deanna’s returning guest for the first two hours this afternoon to honor Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel 💐 who passed away August 5th in Germany. (MP3) Continue reading

Buthaina Neveln ~ Dr. Tarek Farag

Buthaina Neveln who was living and working in a peaceful Iraq when the bombing, invasion and continued occupation by US and or other globalist military forces started was Deanna’s first guest this afternoon to share her views about Christianity and Islam in the Arab world. (MP3)

Dr. Tarek Farag who claims that Barrack Obama has incited violence against law enforcement in America was Deanna’s second guest today. He has also just published a small booklet about health care, Trump The Only One That Can Adopt This Best Healthcare Plan, available at Amazon. (MP3)

Colin Flaherty and Marlin B. Newburn

Deanna’s guests this afternoon were Colin Flaherty and Marlin B. Newburn. Colin is an award winning journalist whose work has been seen on over 1000 news sites around the world and the author of White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game a Lie?: Awww, Hell No! and Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry. Marlin has worked in the Michigan courts and prisons as a clinical psychologist with a focus on forensic psychology, as a consultant to schools with troubled students and is currently working on a book. During hour three Deanna took calls from listeners. (MP3)
🖥 ColinFlaherty712

James Lancia

Deanna’s guest this afternoon was James Lancia, a former inner city cop from Bridgeport, Connecticut who patrolled some of the most dangerous streets at a time when crime was at an all time historic high in America. Growing up on the same streets he patrolled as a poor white male with no “white privilege”, James has the credibility worth listening to. Along with his truthful social and political analysis, he has incorporated into “Downtown White Police:” Demonizing the Alpha Cop, Glorifying Thugs, and Militarizing Law Enforcement his real life police experiences to reveal the true side of race and policing, which shows a much different picture than what the public is spoon-fed daily by an agenda driven media. (MP3)
🖥 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2VP7psHh-Otz46sU8M9bYQ