Buthaina Neveln ~ Dr. Tarek Farag

Buthaina Neveln who was living and working in a peaceful Iraq when the bombing, invasion and continued occupation by US and or other globalist military forces started was Deanna’s first guest this afternoon to share her views about Christianity and Islam in the Arab world. (MP3)

Dr. Tarek Farag who claims that Barrack Obama has incited violence against law enforcement in America was Deanna’s second guest today. He has also just published a small booklet about health care, Trump The Only One That Can Adopt This Best Healthcare Plan, available at Amazon. (MP3)

Spingola and Friends, #95

Deanna talked about how the ‘PTB’ establish a psychological environment in the media, utilize Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), propaganda and other relevant issues. Is there a similarity between the vehicles on the Highway of Death and the “toasted” cars of 9/11 as shown on Dr. Judy Wood’s website? (MP3)
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Evelyn Hutcheson ~ Frederick Shaw ~ Buthaina from Iraq

Deanna’s guest today for the first hour was Evelyn Hutcheson, the mother of Matt Hale who she and others believe was wrongfully imprisoned by the United States Government. (MP3) Related: The Creativity Movement

Frederick Shaw from southern California joined Deanna during the second hour to discuss California’s Foster Care Crisis. (MP3)

Buthaina, who was born and raised in Iraq and left in 2004 after Iraq was invaded by the ‘US’ military visits with Deanna and shared with listeners her views on what is currently taking place in the middle east. (MP3)

Christina England, Buthaina from Iraq, and Monika Wesolowski

Deanna’s guests today were Christina England to update us on children’s health issues, Buthaina from Iraq to talk about the current events in Iraq, and Monika Wesolowski to tell us about the kidnapping of her five year old son Dylan by child protective services in the state of Virginia. (MP3)

Monday, Buthaina from Iraq

Deanna’s guest today was Buthaina, who was born and raised in Iraq and left in 2004 after Iraq was invaded by ‘US’ military forces. She shared with Deanna and the listeners some history about Iraq and why the ‘US’ really assassinated Saddam Hussein. It has now been seven years since the execution. (MP3)
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