Spingola and Friends, #95

Deanna talked about how the ‘PTB’ establish a psychological environment in the media, utilize Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), propaganda and other relevant issues. Is there a similarity between the vehicles on the Highway of Death and the “toasted” cars of 9/11 as shown on Dr. Judy Wood’s website? (MP3)
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    Joint doctrine defines directed energy (DE) as an umbrella term covering technologies that produce concentrated electromagnetic energy and atomic or subatomic particles. A DE weapon is a system using DE primarily as a means to incapacitate, damage, disable or destroy enemy equipment, facilities and/or personnel. Directed-energy warfare is military action involving the use of DE weapons, devices and countermeasures to incapacitate, cause direct damage to or destroy adversary equipment, facilities and/or personnel or to determine, exploit, reduce or prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum through damage, destruction and disruption. It also includes actions taken to protect friendly equipment, facilities and personnel and retain friendly use of the electromagnetic spectrum. With the maturation of DE technology, weaponized DE systems are becoming more prolific and powerful, and a significant subset of the electronic warfare mission area.
    Source: Joint Chiefs of Staff, Electronic Warfare, Joint Publication 3-13.1 (February 8, 2012), I-16.


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