Marlin B. Newburn

Deanna’s guest this evening was Marlin B. Newburn. For the last thirty seven years Marlin has worked in the Michigan courts and prisons as a clinical psychologist with a focus on forensic psychology and also as a consultant to schools with troubled students. (MP3)

4 comments on “Marlin B. Newburn

  1. Almost everybody my family and I have tried to help, turned around and bit us in the hand. They put you out and then they rob you or worse. This is the year I have stopped getting in between someone’s karma. I will tell them now you are on your own.


  2. I usually don’t pay much attention to psychologist who I see as sellouts willing to give people excuses for their bad behavior if they are willing to pay them (blood) money. Marlin Newburn though is exactly the opposite of that. Very excellent and enlightening program. Thank you, Deanna


  3. If you get Mr. Newburn back soon, and I hope you do, I’d like to hear more about the effects drugs and alcohol have on the firewall between the frontal lobes and the rest of the brain. I had never heard about this before — and it’s shocking to learn that drugs and alcohol will revert the brain to reptilian. No wonder the Bible condemns drunkenness and says no person who does that can enter into Heaven. I’d like to hear about any studies and just anything at all about this. I do know that marijuana permanently destroys short term memory, so what about psyche drugs, ritalin and those type of drugs. This guest said some startling things that I won’t ever forget.


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