Colin Flaherty and Marlin B. Newburn

Deanna’s guests this afternoon were Colin Flaherty and Marlin B. Newburn. Colin is an award winning journalist whose work has been seen on over 1000 news sites around the world and the author of White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game a Lie?: Awww, Hell No! and Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry. Marlin has worked in the Michigan courts and prisons as a clinical psychologist with a focus on forensic psychology, as a consultant to schools with troubled students and is currently working on a book. During hour three Deanna took calls from listeners. (MP3)
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  1. Dear Deanna, I love your show! It is I think the very best! The guests you have on are so interesting, important and vital! I’m writing today Deanna to ask you if you could tell me the name of that incredible jazz guitar number you play at the beginning of your show? Who is the artist Deanna? I just love that number! Hope to hear back from you! Thanks, Tom


  2. The first 15 minutes has unbalanced sound but then it gets nice and clear. Fantastic, fantastic show. Life-changing information.

    Racism goes for everybody and I’m not going to YouTube to see these videos that are mentioned, talked about – but I can imagine. And I’d rather not imagine.

    There are two sides to every story. Deanna Spingola is not a racist or a distorter of the truth. She’s accomplished by broadcast journalism and authoring four nonfiction books what churches and televangelists have failed to do — to teach how to love God and our neighbors as ourselves, and to make Truth preeminent in our lives. She practices what she preaches, and sacrifices herself and her comfort for the Truth.

    The two guests Deanna brought together for this show made for a powerful program: Colin Flaherty reported the ugly facts of black racism — and Marlin Newburn the psychiatrist looked into the dark souls of the sadistic perpetrators of racist crime. As an expert on criminal behavior who has worked as a school superintendent to eliminate thuggery, chaos and crime in the schools, Mr. Newburn’s insight into human nature and criminal behavior was enlightening. His hard truth on personal responsibility cuts to the heart — not to be blaming parents or other people or races for our own failings. [This isn’t the usual me$$age of head shrinkers, who are more interested in getting paid to help people find excuses to blame other people for their own failings.]

    We should all urge our friends and contacts to hear this particular show. Anything that can help any of us to live in peace with others to be better people is worth knowing.

    So here’s my conclusions and thoughts to add to what was presented in the program:

    First: We are ALL responsible for our own behavior, and we will all answer to God for what we say and do.

    Second: We are all human, and we can all trace our origins back to the same two parents at the beginning of Creation. Without the first two complete, mature parents, ‘instant parents,’ there would not be anymore people. Evolution is a fairy tale. A male evolving over billions of years from self-existent matter, and a female evolving over billions of years, and then one day they find each other and start having babies? It doesn’t work that way. If matter is able to self-create and form everything we see, then matter has godlike properties. There is no way to escape God, even if we see God in the atom. Are we to worship and praise and serve the atom as having God-like properties?

    Third: The science of genetics holds the answer to the problem of racism. The Creator made the first humans intact and mature, full of egg and sperm, and containing the genetics for all the races. We don’t know what our first parents looked like, but we’re all made in our Creator’s image, all born with a conscience and instinctive knowledge of God’s existence and nature. Dogs and cats were created intact and mature also — and contained genetics for all species of their “kind.” Same with horses, fish, insects. On and on. It takes two mature parents to reproduce ‘after their kind’ as the Bible says. When you isolate creatures (humans, animals, whatever) they will shake out and over time all start to look the same – the tribe/species/race thing. Put a bunch of horses out on the prairie for a few hundred years, and the herd will change to have a similar appearance, to become a ‘breed.’ [I had a cat that looked like a prizewinning Maine Coon but the parents were a calico and a yellow tom cat. The genes were all included in the first models.] Noah did not take thousands of cat and dog and horse breeds on the Ark, you know?

    All humans have the same original parents.

    Conclusions: We have to get over what we look like on the outside, and realize we are all humans created by God, and that we all have a soul and a spirit and a conscience–until we kill it dead by doing evil deeds. We are all accountable to God, and we will all be judged the same into eternity.

    This life is just a test. We are not put on this earth to lord it over anybody else because of race, language or culture. We are here to love, serve and obey God and to love God and our neighbor of all races as ourselves. If we fail to do this, we WILL be judged by God. Hell is real, and it is made for those who hate their neighbor and hate God and who belong to spend an eternity with Satan. Heaven could not exist with hateful, sadistic people in it.

    Life is very short, and we’re just here for a test to see how much we will live for the next life and not for this one: meaning, to put God first and not be controlled by selfish, prideful desires. As a Christian who loves God, believes the Bible, and recognizes Jesus for Ultimate Truth (and salvation) — I’m sad to say I see Muslims exemplify most the fundamental and all-encompassing commandment of God to “love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and our neighbor as ourselves.” They are by far the most spiritual, God-fearing people, and living for the next life more than this one. They have not killed their conscience, and their religion has not sunk to the level of Gnostic, Do As Thou Wilt, commercialized paganism as have Judaism and what passes for Christianity these days.

    We all must humbly examine ourselves and love the Truth, embrace and succumb to it when we find it. We must not invent Truth for ourselves to suit our pride or selfish desires. If we are always looking for excuses to indulge selfish pride and greed, revenge and hate, driven by emotion and delusions, we will sink to the level of demons. Our lives will end in irreversible horror of what we let ourselves become by indulging fantasies and dark emotions — all because we “loved and made a lie.” Those are the words, the last warnings on the last page of the Bible, that the people in Hell will be ‘all those who love and make a lie.’

    Just to love Truth for what it is, just because it’s Truth, and to embrace it—this is what it means to be a real human being worthy of spending an eternity with God in Heaven.


  3. I have to say that I really loved the first two guests, the first two hours of the show. I have to say that I also hated the last hour of the program. The first two hours exposed racism. The third hour of the program was an example of it. Whether it’s black or white racism — it’s still ugly and disgusting. I get really sick of the bigots who try to classify people by their skin color. We are human beings, not race horses or purebred dogs in a dog show. We don’t become less human or less valuable if our genetics are not isolated into tribes and nice clean races. In the beginning we were all one race, and as humans became more isolated they became more differentiated in their appearance and behaviors.

    In the beginning God isolated humans by language, not by race. God thought it best to split people up because people were getting too proud by their unity — they were getting a ‘god complex.’ God split the people up by confounding the language, and then later as people were isolated they began to take on physical traits that also separated them by what we might call race. This will happen naturally when people are isolated — and all the isolated people will begin to look alike in certain ways.

    Horses that are isolated will after some decades all begin to share the same traits and become a kind of ‘breed.’ Same with dogs.

    But we are not horses or dogs, and we are all one in Christ.

    I just think it’s so evil, so wrong, to hate people for things they cannot control — their appearance, skin or hair color, or whether they are more adapted to physical prowess or scientific or musical or whatever gifts God gives. We all need each other. We are all made in God’s image. We all have something good to contribute and give.

    Where has Christianity gone? Why do the churches hate the words of Jesus? The reason people hate each other for things that don’t matter is because the church has died. The church hates Jesus and hates his words in red. They never, ever teach them. They ignore them, mock them, and explain them away if they are confronted with them. Organized religion has substituted Gnosticism, Do As Thou Wilt pagan Satanic philosophies in place of Christianity. That is what is wrong with people, and with the world. It’s not our race, it’s our beliefs, our man-made evil Satanic belief system that is destroying the world.

    Jesus came to be with us for a short time 2000 years ago, and his witnesses have told us of his teachings and his life. But these teachings are totally ignored in the churches. The Jews had already rejected teh Bible and they always hated Jesus from the beginning, and hate him even more today. But what about the so-called Christians? Where are they so much different than the Jews? The Jews are the biggest racists in the world. There are only a few million of them, but they call the rest of humanity ‘goyim’ – meaning ‘cattle’ — and do not even consider over 6 billion human beings to even be human. They worship themselves. They hate God and man and are constantly collaborating and conspiring to destroy the entire earth and kill off every one of us.

    What is wrong with people is not their genetics. It is their beliefs about themselves and about God and their fellow man that is the problem. Jesus taught us to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and to love our neighbor as ourself. Jesus taught us that our neighbor is every human being alive who is in need, who is hurting. We are not put on the earth to kick people around, to treat people like they are just worthless animals. Sure, the black people can be as racist as the whites are. But that’s beside the point. What good does it do to point out the truth about racism in blacks if we are going to turn around and show that we are just as sadistic and hateful and willing to slander and lie and hatemonger as the ones we are complaining about.

    I’ll tell you who I hate — it’s the racists. All of them. The British Israel people, the Wannabee Jews, who imagine their DNA is far superior than anybody else’s, just because they read some book about the Lost Tribes. That isn’t Christianity at all, and there’s nothing in the BIble that says on Judgment Day we get judged by our DNA. And it’s imaginary DNA in most cases. Anybody whose ancestors came to the United States over 100 years ago will have a genealogy that shows a mixture, and the Bible refers to the United States as a ‘mingled people’ in Jeremiah.

    It doesn’t matter. We are not racehorses or show dogs with pedigrees. We are human beings, made in the image and LIKENESS of God. It is what is in our hearts that count. We will all be judged individually by what is in our hearts, not by our DNA. All these racist hatemongering, warmongering people need to get over themselves and get humble as the Bible says, and the other phrase that keeps popping up in the BIble that I notice God continually warning people is ‘harden not your hearts.’ We are given a conscience, and if we give into the desire to “think of ourselves more highly than we ought” as Paul taught, then we will be hardening our hearts, and failing to ‘humble ourselves.” God gives grace to the HUMBLE, and Jesus taught his own disciples who were arguing amongst themselves as to ‘who was the greatest’ that if they they did not become as a little child (with no guile) that they would not be able to go to Heaven.

    So it’s a matter of our eternity. We will go to Hell and burn forever if we cannot learn to love God and love our neighbor. It’s one thing to point out the cruelty and racist behavior of others — and then it’s something else to be exhibiting the same behavior ourselves and somehow think it’s a virtue.


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