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  1. Thanks so much for bringing back Larry Engel. I want to let you know that your program has opened my mind and I have come to learn a lot. Through your program, I have learned to see and connect the truth of so many issues facing the citizens and the world as a whole.
    Thank you Deanna for bringing the best quest speakers who are well versed with their respective subjects.


  2. Great show, Deanna — a true exclusive!

    Texe Marrs carries the story this week on his program Power of Prophecy, and he says that Scalia was murdered by a patriot and agrees with one of your listeners who says the pillow over the face was a message. I have cut and pasted the intro to the Texe Marrs program for this week:

    “Was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a Zionist Apologist?

    Communism is Judaism Unfolding

    Texe Marrs examines Justice Scalia’s incredible unknown betrayal of Christianity. Scalia turns out to be a secretive member of the Opus Dei secret society and an aggressive Zionist agent. An avid student of the Babylonian Talmud, Scalia was a ticking time bomb on the Supreme Court, ready to explode in favor of the Jews. The Jews had FIVE pro-Israel Zionists on the Supreme Court with Scalia’s vote. That is 5 of 9 Judges! Was he murdered? Absolutely, BUT not by who you might think!”


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