Spingola and Friends, #87

On today’s broadcast Deanna shared information about Obama’s Executive Orders, Transformation of Mental Health in Connecticut, Screening, Connecticut’s Psycho-Pharma Cover-Up, and The Stacked Sandy Hook Advisory Commission.
Find more information at her Sandy Hook Research page. (MP3)

Spingola and Friends, #86

Continuing forward from the 8/13/15 broadcast, Deanna shares more information about Adam Lanza’s elusive medical records. Please visit her very comprehensive Sandy Hook Research page, covering numerous issues. Deanna uses information from her book, Screening Sandy Hook, Causes and Consequences. (MP3)

Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Deanna’s guest today was Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a Research Scientist at MIT. Please visit her website for valuable research information. (MP3)
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Lynne Farrow ~ Dr. Arden Gifford ~ Dr. Betty Martini

Lynne Farrow was Deanna’s guest for the first hour today. She is the author of The Iodine Crisis, What you Don’t Know about Iodine Can Wreck Your Life, editor at Iodine Research and also publishes Breast Cancer Choices. (MP3)

Dr. Arden Gifford, MD talked about the growing number of autistic children and Glyphosate during the second hour of today’s broadcast. (MP3)
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Dr. Betty Martini, a much appreciated guest returns for the final hour to update listeners on the continued poisoning of people by aspartame. (MP3)
Websites: Mission Possible World Health International, World Natural Health Organization, Aspartame & Aspartame Poisoning Information

Dr. Kenneth Stoller ~ Clint Richardson

Deanna’s guest for the first hour of today’s broadcast was Dr. Kenneth Stoller. He is a Fellow of the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine and has served as president of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association for almost a decade. (MP3)

Clint Richardson was Deanna’s returning guest for the remaining two hours today. (MP3)

Beth Clay ~ Roman Bystrianyk

Beth Clay, who was a staff worker for former congressman Dan Burton was Deanna’s first guest today. She is currently an International Commissioner with the Citizens Commission for Human Rights. (MP3)
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Roman Bystrianyk who along with Dr. Suzanne Humphries co-authored Dissolving Illusions was Deanna’s guest once again during the final hour to continue the discussion on the history of diseases and the introduction of vaccinations to treat some of those diseases, the majority of which were already in decline, due to the practicing of better hygiene and the implementation of proper sanitation. Dissolving Illusions website. (MP3)

Thomas Goodrich ~ Dr. Brian S. Hooker ~ Patricia Weathers

Deanna’s guest for the first hour of today’s broadcast was the author of many books, Thomas Goodrich. (MP3)

He was followed in the second hour by Dr. Brian S. Hooker, A Shot of Truth, Focus Autism. (MP3)

Patricia Weathers, the co-founder of Ablechild was Deanna’s guest for the final hour today. (MP3)

Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Roman Bystrianyk and Christina England

Deanna’s guests for the first hour of today’s broadcast were Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk, co-authors of Dissolving Illusions. (MP3)

Christina England, a children’s health advocate, co-author of Shaken Baby Syndrome Or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis – Are Parents Being Falsely Accused?, a research journalist and writer, was Deanna’s guest for the remaining two hours of today’s broadcast. (MP3)

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