Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Deanna’s guest today was Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a Research Scientist at MIT. Please visit her website for valuable research information. (MP3)
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One comment on “Dr. Stephanie Seneff

  1. I sure did love this program — over two hours of great info. I hope you get Dr. Seneff back again. May God protect you both, keep you both doing what you do. The world needs more Deanna Spingolas and Stephanie Seneffs.

    I try to kind of sungaze whenever there is any sun to look at, which isn’t much nowadays with all the chemtrailing. And Dr. Mercola this week is recommending cabbage, high in sulfur and very little pesticides on it, one of the safest vegetables to buy, and available in the winter when other vegetables are not. I like to make it Vietnamese style in a wok, barely cooked so it’s still crunchy. Dr. Tennant also recommends using humic acid and fulvic acid as Dr. Seneff did — and I think Dr. Daniels does also, that blackwater stuff.

    I got some ideas from your show of more things I can do to improve my health. I have started drinking mostly distilled water, and I do use a lot of turmeric.

    This poisoning can’t continue the way it is — it’s an outrage. It’s Satanic — no other word for it. The Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities of the air. And even tho I think the powers that be do get together to conspire against the people of the world, I think there are spiritual forces working to guide and inspire the whole thing as well. I think we all need to do more fasting and praying against the Dark Side, along with the truth-telling.

    Thank God for the Internet. I would never get to hear any of this without having Internet. Goodbye TV, and good riddance.


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