Spingola and Friends, #87

On today’s broadcast Deanna shared information about Obama’s Executive Orders, Transformation of Mental Health in Connecticut, Screening, Connecticut’s Psycho-Pharma Cover-Up, and The Stacked Sandy Hook Advisory Commission.
Find more information at her Sandy Hook Research page. (MP3)

One comment on “Spingola and Friends, #87

  1. As my old friend (a 95 yr old WWII veteran & PoW survivor) says: “I’m glad I’m the age I am” every time I relay news such as that here. I know this is for the U.S, but we are following suite in the U.K with regard mental health controls and the system of control which it all links into. Meanwhile, the populace remains subservient and has complete faith. No questions asked.

    As my old WWII veteran friend has said: “I’m glad I’m the age I am”.
    Trump’s going to be President next year, but as you’ve said: It’ll make no difference as whatever legislation will need to go though will be approved…esp. in regard to big pharma interests.

    @ 1:01: this is in effect a long-term genetic engineering programme moving humans away from their links with mother Earth (divine consciousness if you like) towards a trans-humanist one. Feelings of our deep rooted connections with our creator will be expunged through pharma…any wonder they target children and young adults with depression…they are depressed because they sub-consciously realise all is not well.
    A recent MSN article declared that young children in England are the second most depressed in the world.


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