Dr. Betty Martini ~ Tony Pantalleresco

Dr. Betty Martini, an expert on aspartame toxicity was Deanna’s first guest this afternoon. (MP3)
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Aspartame Resource Guide, Aspartame and Drug Interaction, The Complete Bressler Report

Tony Pantalleresco, the terrific herbalist checked in again from Canada for the remainder of today’s broadcast to visit with Deanna and listeners. (MP3)
👉 Deanna’s recommendation for books that are compatible with today’s broadcast: Big Chicken: The Incredible Story of How Antibiotics Created Modern Agriculture and Changed the Way the World Eats, Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science
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  1. Nothing sickened me more than taking my father to his renal deficiency appointments and having to listen to nurses and dietitians telling him Splenda was okay to ingest. It made my job in getting him well, doubly hard, since he was so indoctrinated in the propaganda, that he would fight me to follow their protocol.
    He was a hard nut to crack, but with the help of a good holistic practitioner, we were able to get him off of all pharmaceutical drugs, 16 in all. He had an ongoing UTI, kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. He was taking diabetic drugs for 40 years. His body was totally toxified by drugs. When I initially took him to the holistic practitioner, he was also bleeding in his colon and his skin was yellow due to his liver being toxic.
    It took 18 months to safely take him off of all drugs and to rebuild his body to health, but he’s in perfect health for his age of 94 now. Heart is at 95%, immunity 96%, renal function went from 15% to 92%, the UTI he had for 5 yrs finally cleared up. No diabetes anymore either, and perfect blood pressure.
    My experience as a caregiver was terrible when it came to having to deal with the medical community. Totally patronized, and I’m an emergency medic. I’m so glad those days are behind me. And my dad is now living an enjoyable life again after his body has been totally used as a money generator for over 40 yrs by a bunch of CEO’s and clinical techs that can’t see logic through the trees.
    I do have respect for some drs., but not many.
    My story. All true. Hope it helps anyone that needs to see the true reality of how the system really works.

    And what Tony said about STATINS, totally true.
    I was a good brainwashed citizen up to the age of 22, when on my yearly physical they suggested I go on a Statin. I was healthy and knew it. I knew they wanted to compromise my immune system to allow disease to enter. 30 yrs later, I’m still healthy, while everyone else around me seems to be getting every disease imaginable.
    Two of the most widely prescribed gateway medications to ill your health are statins and high blood pressure pills.
    My belief anyway.

    On mentioning the Ricola cough drops, I came across the same problem with them, reading the ingredient list, they have sucralose and that was enough for me not to purchase them. Upsetting when you’re expecting a quality item and to find out they are junk.
    My local Italian store carries imported candies with unusual flavours, like eucalyptus. They are of a clean source and no additives, using only basic sugar and eucalyptus oil. The perfect cough drop.

    Thank you Deanna and guests. Superb show!!!!


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