Dr. Teresa Avila ~ Marc Vincenti

Deanna’s guest for just one hour today was Doctor and Author, Teresa Avila, PhD. who shared with listeners the experience she encountered when doing her best to care for her eighty plus year old mother, how her mom was treated while in the hospital for four days and how she is doing now after using natural methods to restore her health. (MP3)

Marc Vincenti of Save the 2008 was Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon to continue the discussion about student suicide. (MP3)

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  1. Diabetics can handle things with diet. NO SUGAR. Learn the value of coconut oil, which does not trigger insulin at all. Dr. Daniels says the insulin shots are what kills people — and better to just eliminate all the sugar and cut down or eliminate the insulin shots. Keto diet is the solution for people with metabolism, blood sugar issues. But sugar and grains are bad for most people anyway. Sugar is a deadly thing to ingest, and sugar feeds cancer. The medics are crazy — and you have to avoid them if you want to stay alive and die a natural death.

    Use Dr. Google, type in your symptoms, and find the natural cures that actually do work.

    Medical prescriptions are killing people right and left. Treating symptoms makes things worse, and the medics pretend they are clueless as to root causes, and everything is a big mystery to them. This way they can sell tons of pharma drugs as one symptom leads into another.

    Health insurance is a joke — an expensive practical joke on everyone. By having this ‘coverage’ you offer these crazies a blank check to run you through their intrusive testings and probings and medications, and if you make it out of the hospital alive you may get stuck for charges the insurance won’t pay for. If you die in the hospital, the insurance companies can still refuse to pay for anything they choose to not pay for and the hospital can be first in line to own the estate of the deceased victim of the hospital ‘treatment’. Jesus warned us ‘love not the world.’ I sure don’t trust it, don’t like it either.


  2. On the teen suicides, I think if we look around at all the tattoos where people are disfiguring their faces and bodies it shows rampant nihilism, and the tattoos are really just people announcing to the world they have no hope for a future and rather than kill themselves they just mutilate their bodies and sit back and wait for the world to blow itself up.


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