Charles Krafft — 2 Comments

  1. Germans invade Poland.
    There are German settlers moving into Poland.
    What German settlers ? Settling what ?
    What did the Germans do to the Polish families to settle Polish lands ?
    The Germans did what ?
    Explain from your American/ Germanophile perspective.
    Avoiding Polonophobic rhetoric, if possible.

  2. Click on the little red PDF arrow pointing to the words “BRITAIN’S RUMOR FACTORY” in the description of the show. It will open up the essay we were discussing from which I quoted information about the rumor started by the British PWE (Political Warfare Executive) about Germans taking children away from Polish families to raise them as Aryans in Germany. I believe that was the only reference to Germans doing anything except exterminating Poles and jews in concentration camps in Poland during WWII.

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