Friedrich Paul Berg

Deanna’s guest this afternoon was Friedrich Paul Berg who talked about his recent debate with Eric Hunt which was initiated by Eric’s recent post, The End of the Line. (MP3)
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  1. An example of “infiltration of a movement ” with the intention to destroy .

    I do not trust Friedrich Paul Berg. The way he was trying to assassinate the characters of David Irving, Willis Carto, David Cole, Robert Faurison,Mark Weber ,Fred Leughter so to harm revisionism and Codoh. A typical trick of our opponents to start an infighting process in the revisionist movement and later a platform for defamation of this historical process. Berg says he is German but it is not to hear anything in his accent. So i suspect another national/racial background.. The way Berg talks is not the German way of talking even when it is in English. The attacking way of talking ,the shouting ,the blaming makes you think of some other affiliation. He could be a Jewish plant in the revisionist movement. If he is not he is just another unpolite selfpromoter unworthy of attention by Deanna Spingola. Deanna had better asked friends of CODOH what type of man he is before the interview. Although this interview is a good example how infiltration in revisions movements , to destroy them, is perpetrated. Give some fish-bite “in the form of interesting sounding information on anti hoax” and go for the greater prey: the destruction of the anti hoax movement by attacking its leaders ,symbols and research methods.
    So hearing some things we like to see in books, articles and interviews does not make you an ally, even if you have a website and wrote some stuff in a “book” that looks like our filosophy.. That is just a tack-ticks to get our attention and lead us in his direction of defamation of HR and CODOH , an objective of the hoax industry. The information of FP Berg is hollow. It is mostly fishing of little details and disparities in opinions undermining the big message: that the holocaust story is psychops operation on the whole of society . Al what Berg comes up with is very shallow info and devoid of own investigation the way David Irving and others did.
    In fact every important investigator of revisionism is attacked by Berg.I was disgusted by the interview. Al defamed (by “bla bla” Berg) revisionists have contributed more than what “self important communicator” Berg himself ever did. Having private insights whatever happened in the war period is never an objective of CODOH or RH. In fact al the organizations say is that people should be critical of WW2 information and the discrepancies in” political correct view” of the world.

    In fact the way presented some interesting facts does not matter after the way he tried to destroy ALL revisionists. Most of what Berg thinks he found out himself was investigated promoted by RH and CODOH first, and Berg just folded spun and twisted the original info to get the attention to his site.

    So this episode of Deanna was full of smear , insult , defame,

    Shame on Friedrich Berg for his insults


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