Fanie from Pretoria, South Africa ~ Author, Historian Michael Walsh

Deanna’s first guest this afternoon was Fanie from Pretoria, South Africa who shared with the listeners some history of the Boer folk who settled in South Africa long ago. He also talked about the ongoing genocide against his people that is seldom discussed in North America. (MP3)
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Author, Historian and Poet Michael Walsh returned during hour three to talk about the recent removal of books from Amazon. (MP3)
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    ON GOD’S JUDGMENT ON UNITED STATES OF ISRAEL (sorry it’s so long, but this is so outrageous and I just have so much to say about it! also I have linked to another website page so there’s even more to say on this subject!)

    What do you think about this? Check out Texe Marrs’ article he posted on his main page this week on his website, concerning the Jews’ refusal to sell Texe’s book at Amazon. You see how the Jews are so ‘special.’ The most evil religion on the planet has carte blanche for its practitioners to do whatever evil deeds they choose including endless wars, child kidnappings/torture/organ trafficking — and get away with any horrors you can think of and nobody can criticize. Anyone can sell anything on Amazon, as long as it does not criticize the religion of Judaism. The Talmud claims Jesus is a bastard, a scoundrel, a magician — and that Mary was a whore, and that Jesus is now burning in a big cauldron of excrement in Hell. They can sell their evil religion in their Talmud on Amazon, but Christians cannot criticize what they say about our God. And Jesus said if we deny Him, he will deny us also. That means HELL.

    Amazon is forcing Christians to deny Christ, to accept that any criticism of Jewish hatred and blasphemy of our God is forbidden. If Christians continue to support Amazon, it is the same as denying Christ, in my opinion, because Amazon has taken the position that Judaism is a religion that is exalted to the point that it cannot be criticized, and that Jews are free to say any evil thing about Christ and spread their hate toward God and man without opposition or even that their beliefs would be pointed out in the light of day for what they are. These evil secret society Christ-hating people insist on free reign to spread their poison, but to do it in the dark and on the sly, without having the light of day shone on their vile religious beliefs.

    Texe Marrs is known for exposing and teaching on cults, including Freemasonry and Judaism, and Amazon is going to forbid that? If the Jews have such a great religion, they should not mind if someone tells us about it.

    Fact is: Judaism is a secret society Satanic religion, which is why the Jews flip out if anyone wants to tell anyone what the religion teaches. That is the reason why Jews don’t try to make converts. Because it’s SECRET, and the reason it’s SECRET is because it’s SATANIC.

    The U.S. Constitution forbids the establishment of a state religion: yet American taxpayers are forced to donate hundreds of billion$ to the Christ-hating Jews in Palestine (which the Jews renamed Israel). The Jews suck so much money out of the U.S. while our infrastructure is crumbling and people are go homeless, all so the Jews can build more tanks and guns to steal more land from Christians and Muslims, the ‘goyim’ who have no rights according to the Jewish religion. Why are Christians forced to establish such a wicked religion as Judaism. I would rather be forced to support and establish any religion other than Judaism. You may as well force me to support Satanism or witchcraft as to force me to support Judaism. Judaism is the antithesis of my true religion, which is Christianity.

    Christian taxpayers have to fork over for these Satanic Jews who hate Christ, who hate Christians and Christianity, and we have to support their religious horror and persecution of Christian and Muslim Palestinians. Christian taxpayers are forced to pay those Jews who are hauling Christian children to the torture dungeons, to death, to stealing their organs to sell in the medical industrial system of organ trafficking. If we want to visit the Holy Land, to make a pilgrimmage, the evil Jews make us swear we are not Christian, and promise not to proselytize, to bring up the dreaded and hated name of Jesus to their special Jewish ears!

    How did these Jews get to own Palestine, and have rule and ownership over Jerusalem? They have no reason to be there, other than the pleasure they may have to be able to spit on the streets where Jesus walked.

    What are the Jews really in Palestine for in the first place! They hate Jesus. It’s not their country or their history. Jerusalem is nothing they would want to think about or care about. Or is it? Are they that thrilled with having killed Christ that they must own the streets where he walked, and to be able to persecute those who love Christ, and maybe even get Christians to deny Christ? This is what the Jews demand of Christians to come on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem—that we first Deny Christ.

    Well, you know, the Bible does say that if we deny Christ, he will deny us. Is it worth it to go to Hell so we can make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem?

    So who are these “special ones” that have these kinds of rights in this world that they have hurt and insulted by committing deicide? How is it that these Jews have such immense privilege that none of the rest of us have? And why do they deserve any such rights? The right to murder God – the right to commit deicide, to be the scourge of the earth, and force the rest of the world to bow down to them and cater to their self-worship and Satanic religious beliefs? They deserve to be ostracized, not catered to. But instead, they are allowed to start and fund all wars, to cause Christians to deny Christ, and to have free reign to propagandize the entire citizenry of the United States by their Jewish media propaganda?

    I don’t know why any Christian American, or any American at all, would allow a television set in their home. CONTINUED BELOW

    (from Texe Marrs’ website,

    Holy Serpent of the Jews Is Under Fire
    “Apparently, Texe Marrs’ new book, Holy Serpent of the Jews, has come under withering pressure from the usual culprits. The World Jewish Congress on its recent website, carried the following article. A book titled “Holy Serpent of the Jews: The Rabbis’ Secret Plan for Satan to Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to Global Dominion,” by the notorious anti-Semite Texe Marrs, is available for purchase on Amazon. Add your name to WJC’s “Stop Profiting from Hate Petition Campaign” to demand that Amazon immediately remove these and other blatantly anti-Semitic and hate-inspiring books. Help us reach 10,000 signatures to show our solidarity as we tell that we won’t stand for this kind of hate. In fact, pressure from the World Jewish Congress and other influential Jewish groups has now caused Amazon to take Holy Serpent of the Jews off their list. The book is now one of the very few that is forbidden in the entire world for people to buy and read. We have protested the Amazon action. How sad that our book, which quotes the rabbis themselves and their wicked plan for global domination, is so feared by the Jews. Obviously, the most evil and sinister of books, including those by sexual perverts, America haters, and even by communists and fascists are sold on Amazon. But a book which widely quotes rabbis themselves is prohibited…”


    CONTINUED: How did the Jews get this power? Because over the centuries, they have practiced their financial wizardry whereby they have managed—by assassination, intrigue, wars and bribes—to convince the rulers of nations to let the Jewish money-lenders be their Banksters. Over the centuries now the Jews control almost every country financially. Those countries who resist—such as those in the Mideast, also Germany before WWII, and today Venezuela, and of course Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran and the Islamic countries who do not allow Jews to run their lives, who do not allow usury in their countries. So these countries—which prosper exponentially compared to the rest of the world under the heel of the Jews—must die. Since the Jews have the United States by the throat by their banking scam agreements, they can use us to crush any country who resists their control through banking.

    We in the United States are nothing but surfs and slaves to these Jews. Our taxes are going to pay the Jewish banksters off by the billions and trillions and to finance all their wars and vice – money that is used to help them do their kidnappings and murders and tortures of little kids, stealing their organs so the evil Jews can make more money, billions upon billions through the corporate medical industry by organ trafficking. We make it possible for the Jews to hire more private armies, start more terrorist groups of Jews posing as Muslims. We are the United States of Judaism. We are the Jews’ Siamese twin who sold our soul for 30 pieces of silver.

    So we cannot call ourselves a Christian Nation without insulting and mocking God by doing so. We are instead a Satanic Jewish Bankster Evil Empire. And we will partake of the curse of the Jews, the same curse the Jews called down on their own heads when they called for Jesus to be crucified naked, a shameful death, and to get their dream come true to do that to Jesus the Jews screamed, “May his blood be on our heads and our children’s heads forever. Crucify him, crucify him.” And we also bring down the curse that comes from mocking God.

    God Will Not Be Mocked: The Bible says, God will not be mocked. If America wants to serve Satan in the name of Jesus, that is going to bring down on our heads the worst judgment the world has ever seen, or ever will see again. In fact, the Bible says that after America is nothing but a pile of radioactive rubble, that the judgment will not be finished yet; that when Jesus comes back, Bible says “Babylon will come into remembrance,” and the whole continent will be sunken into the ocean. The planet will start out clean, without any memories of the evil that was before.

    Okay, America. That’s who we are. America the Terrible, America the Evil Satanic Empire, mocking God, blowing up the planet for the Jews and laying it at the feet of Jesus. But God will not be mocked—and terrible, terrible judgment is coming to America.

    But what about those who refuse to submit to Judaism and renounce their love for God, the Bible and Christ? I am a Christian and I protest being forced to marry up with Judaism. I want nothing whatsoever to do with that evil religion that is the scourge of the earth. I want nothing to do with a religion that glorifies hatred of Jesus, that scathes his name and slanders him, saying that his mother was a whore and that Jesus is boiling in a vat of excrement in Hell.

    I don’t think God wants me to be part of this Jewish World Takeover and persecution of Christians and Muslims. I don’t want my money going to the Jews or my name attached to Judaism in any way, other than as someone who opposes and despises and hates Judaism for the evil Satanic religion it is.

    This government has separation of Church and state, and it is forbidden to establish any religion. I protest. I am not a Jew. I never was and never will be. Why must I be forced to support a Satanic religion that the Bible says if I do that I will go to Hell. I am not willing to join up with Judaism for convenience or money or so I can be allowed to live, to not be thrown in a torture dungeon.

    Far as I know there are 17 million Jews in this sick country we live in. So I protest that these Jews should rule over me. I protest. There are 350 million of us nonJews, and this is our country, and our Constitution says we don’t have to join your religion or pay for it or establish it. You Jews don’t deserve to have Jerusalem, or to be able to keep any of us out who want to make a pilgrimage. And you don’t have the right to tell us what we can and can’t read, or to push your propaganda on us. We used to have laws that forbid monopolies, so how is it that these Jews have the right to invent our money out of thin air and charge us interest in it, and to control what we read and what we hear and learn in the media? How many countries do the Jews need to own? It is obvious they want the entire world, and they will get it by hook or by crook, and especially by war, war that they want the United States to wage on their behalf against the rest of the entire whole world.

    Where are my constitutional rights? How is it that bakeries will be fined and put out of business if they don’t serve homos, but the rest of us must serve Satanic Jews? That’s my question.

    Amazon can go to Hell. And it will. Judgment is coming to America, and it is coming soon. It has already started. California is sinking into the ocean, and fireballs are landing more and more, volcanoes are erupting more, and America’s days are numbered. Anyone can read the demise of America in the Bible, because it is a huge Last Days event, a precipitating event to the Jewish New World Order when they get their preferred Messiah to come and rule the world. I protest. I do not support any of this and all I want is to get out of this God-forsaken country.

    The rest of you can convert to Judaism if that is your wish and desire—sell your souls so cheap. There are so many more of us than there are of them, and there is no reason why there is so much bloodshed and misery and horror going on in the world at their pleasure. Just say NO. Why are people sending their sons and daughters into the military? No matter how hard it is to get a job, better to live in grandma’s basement than to join the military to serve the Jews and go far across the ocean to kill innocent families to please the Jews. And why won’t the Christian pastors speak up? Don’t you know you are going to Hell for catering to the Jews, for admiring and encouraging American men and women to sign up in the military to kill Christians and Muslims for the Christ-hating Jews? Don’t you know you are subject to a greater damnation for doing that?

    continued below

    (from Texe Marrs website
    Texe Marrs’ Book Banned by
    Holy Serpent of the Jews a Victim of the Rabbis
    Censorship Rears Its Ugly Head Again! prides itself on offering millions of books. They sell a wide variety of disgusting and off-putting books on a myriad of topics such as, rape, torture, murder, sexual perversion, sodomy and cannibalism. Some of the titles offered are: Rape, Torture, Murder; Eat Thy Neighbor; and The Rite of Sodomy. Amazon also offers The Satanic Bible, as well as the works of Aliester Crowley, self-proclaimed as the most wicked man on Earth. They also offer Jesus in the Talmud, which covers the Judaic belief that Jesus was a bastard child of a whore and is burning in a vat of fiery excrement in hell as it is written in the Talmud.

    Amazon has claimed that they do not believe in censorship. Here is their statement:
    “Let me assure you that does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts; we do support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions.

    “ believes it is censorship not to sell certain titles because we believe their message is objectionable.”

    In 2011, Texe Marrs published Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This important book, read by millions across the globe, is presented as authoritative by Sergius Nilus, a famous monk of the Russian Orthodox Church. It includes numerous articles published by Henry Ford in the Dearborn Independent.
    Soon after began offering this book, the Jewish ADL and the staff at deemed it necessary to place an unsubstantiated notice claiming that this book was a forgery and that it was anti-Semitic in nature. Unfortunately for Amazon and the ADL, the book received many positive reviews from readers who saw through these absurd claims.
    On March 8, 2017, we received an email notification from that our book, Holy Serpent of the Jews, has been suspended from sale on their website. This smacks of the censorship that they claim they do not condone…
    Click Here to Continue Reading This Important Article

    …continued statement by CAB

    Already California is sinking into the ocean. And YouTubes are popping up everywhere talking about more stupid America-against-the-whole-world Wars (aka Blow up the Planet for Jesus, aka Kill the Goyim).

    The Bible predicts the American Evil Empire is going to destroy Iran and Syria, and then—that will be the END. After that we will have to contend with GOD’s JUDGMENT. And God can (and will) send volcanoes (ie Yellowstone is ready to blow) … and God can (and will) send comets to flip the magnetosphere around and set off volcanoes, earthquakes, Yellowstone. Early this April Jupiter could have some surprises for us when it aligns with the sun, earth, and two other planets, and the ancients have referred to Jupiter as Nibiru, as I have recently learned from BP Earthwatch. Isn’t that a kick in the head!

    And all these arrogant, warmongering killers who like to eat little kids alive, these military people who make a living by killing, torturing, raping, eating little kids alive and kidnap them for the torture dungeons—well, that’s going to be the end of them and the end of these horrors. God has had enough, just like in the days of Noah, which the Bible tells us we are living in such days.

    And you know what? I want to get out of this God-forsaken country so bad. And where can an American go where we will not be hated, just because we were born here? So many Americans are warmongering scum of the earth with no regard or mercy for families that live on the other side of the big wide ocean. They don’t CARE. They figure if these people live somewhere else and speak another language, well, they don’t count. Kill them, use them, steal from them, torture them, who cares? Polls taken of Americans show we are a barbaric people, and the majority of people think torture is fine and good. There are too many Americans who would just as soon kill some man who is just trying to grow a garden to feed his family – or a mother who is just wanting to nurse her baby or cook a meal for her husband – just kill them if they make a good target or will keep our military busy, whatever. If we are going to have this huge military and 800 military bases—well, our soldiers have to have something to do.

    To kill decent and good people who have no guns or weapons is no big deal to MOST Americans. American people are soul-less barbarians. Modestly dressed people, faithful to God, are peacefully praying to their Creator throughout the day while we Americans are over here building up our military to go and kill them all. Why? Just to show we can do it! Just to make sure that any country bucking the world banking system are not allowed to set an example for others who might want to follow their example and cut loose from the Jewish banksters. America’s job is to see to it that nobody gets away with living a beautiful and prosperous life without sucking up to the Jews, to the banksters, to take their imaginary money and to take it at interest.

    USURY. This world runs on usury, and don’t ever forget it. Those who forget that lesson are doomed to die.

    But God will judge. And all these evil Jews who think they are so wonderful, are going to go to HELL, and to the deepest, darkest, hottest parts of Hell, and be tormented for ever and ever and ever. No hope. None. No hope at all. What a horror!

    They know it too. Satanists do not oppose God ignorantly. They know who God is. That is why they have so much power on this earth, because they are true enemies of God, just like Satan is, and Satan rewards his own. Those who take pleasure to spit in God’s face, to plot to kill the innocent and destroy and corrupt the earth are blessed and anointed by Satan with power. Satan’s disciples and servants do everything to shake their fist at God, to show God they are on Satan’s side, that they will do anything to please their god SATAN. Hollywood stars agree to sacrifice their children, parents, loved ones to Satan, in exchange for fame and fortune!
    Jesus hated them, and I do too!

    Unfortunately for all of us, Trump is one of them. He taught his own daughter (by torturing her?) to pose with her legs spread to show the whole world, to put a spell on people, and he uses his daughter to corrupt people. He built Trump Tower in honor of Satan, to bring down Satan’s power into his own life.

    God is already judging America as many of us are realizing. America wanted to be the bully, the ‘hammer of the whole earth’ as the Bible describes, and to look down on other countries. “Oh most proud” as Jeremiah refers to America, has been destroying and warring against the rest of the world for way too long. So now California is sinking into the ocean. I don’t believe things are going to get better for America. I think this is our last wake-up call, a warning from God. One last chance. God is saying, “REPENT AMERICA. JUDGMENT IS COMING. CAN’T YOU SEE HOW YOU ARE HANGING BY A THREAD?”


    And not only that – but we have pages and pages in the Bible, where God is warning. Warning. Warning. End times Babylon. Daughter of Babylon God calls us. And Meridach, which sounds like America sort of. Other names too – like Sheshak. But mostly these descriptions that nobody seems to mind if God wants to call us the Destroyer of My Heritage – or the Hammer of the Whole Earth, or Oh Most Proud, or a HARLOT or the nation who has ‘LIVED DELICIOUSLY.’ Sorcerers, kidnappers. Destroyers of the Whole Earth. Destroying Mountain.

    Jeremiah says, God will turn the Destroying Mountain into a BURNING MOUNTAIN and ROLL YOU DOWN.

    Does anybody care? Doesn’t seem like it! People are cheering about the big Navy ships out on the ocean – like we’re getting ready for the Super Bowl instead of WWIII.

    “Look at us, we are so big and mighty and important! And we are coming to kill you. Why? Just because we don’t like you – because you dress different than we do, and none of your people have tattoos, and nobody is drinking and partying over there where you live. And you get down on your knees every day to pray. What savages! You must die!”

    “America is cheering over our big military that is coming to get you! There are a billion of you but we will kill you all. We have already destroyed your prettiest and oldest and most beautiful countries. Already destroyed Iraq and Libya and Egypt – and now we’ve been at Syria for awhile, and we will finish the job soon and take down Iran while we’re at it. We will kill so many people, and drag your soldiers to the torture dungeon. No more waterboarding! That is for sissies. You will find out what it’s like to be tortured. We will rip you to shreds – just like in the pictures of Abu Ghrab, where we ripped the sex organs off your men and left them bleeding on the floor while we laughed and took pictures of them. We will stack you up naked like we did in Abu Ghrab and showed the world what we did. We were not ashamed! We will force you holy people to rape each other and eat each other alive, and we will crucify you and you will regret the day you were born. We will show you how big and mighty we are! You think you can live in peace and prosperity, and that we don’t matter over here because we are so far away from you—but we will show you who is boss and who is important.”

    Now the men can go and sign up for the glorious military, since we have no jobs. Is that an excuse to join the military? NO EXCUSE. NO EXCUSE.

    If people only knew how horrible it is going to be when God judges this country. It’s already starting. It started long ago, and there’s a reason why our towns and cities are falling down and the pretty houses are saggy and broken down and turned into apartment buildings for single mothers. Why the downtowns are decrepit. It’s because God is already judging. It’s not like we have not seen God’s displeasure on this country.

    Our once Christian nation has turned into a land of barbarians. People mutilate their bodies and go around with tattoos all up and down their arms and legs and on their faces and their necks!!!! It is enough to make a person cry to see this. I am shocked when I go in the grocery store and see young women with these tattoos up and down their arms.

    I am so angry at the pastors for NOT SPEAKING UP about this curse that has come on America and why it’s happening! I am tired of pastors who don’t care, who mock at the scriptures. I’m tired of pastors who sneer at people like me who read the Bible and believe it—pastors who went to seminary and all they learned there was how to EXPLAIN AWAY THE BIBLE. Not to preach it – but to trash it. The Bible is full of God’s anger at the evil shepherds who will not pastor, who leave people wandering around without any leaders. Those pastors are going to get judged so bad! I just don’t want to go to Hell with them! I am scared of Hell. I love the sunshine and to be alive. I don’t like the dark, bad smells, scary ugly monsters, getting tortured, smothered. I hate that stuff. People who think killing and torturing is fun and games – good luck to them in Hell! God forbid I would end up there with them!

    We all are going to be judged – just for being here in this evil country, for not doing anything or doing enough to stop all the horrors our country inflicts on the rest of the world – and just continuing to pay in to the System to keep it going.

    God put us here for such a time as this: and he knew who we were, and He must have thought we needed to be tested in this way, to see if we would wake up and do the right thing. Well, none of us did. None of us. Just a tiny, tiny number of people will repent. And the Bible tells this small number to just up and flee out of this monstrous country because the country will not repent. Instead, people have locked on to putting all their eggs into the one basket of this gargoyle of a president we have elected, who is gearing up to kill and destroy like we’ve never seen before.
    You can tell we’re going to war, and war is all anybody is talking about. Once we do that, it’s over. No more repenting time, no more turning back. It will be over. America’s big damned ships and bombs and guns and soldiers–will all be destroyed. The whole country will be gone. Not one building left standing. Not one person left alive. And the Bible says the soldiers who come in to kill us will be CRUEL. Of course they will! They will not spare anyone. They will seek out anything that moves, and kill it. Because they are not going to ever have to worry again about our sick country stealing their kids, bombing their homes, destroying their countries, hanging their leaders publicly and bragging about it, slicing up Khadafy, and showing it on YouTube as he died.

    Khadafy was beloved by his people—a humanitarian, godly and courageous man, and we did that to him for absolutely no reason. Saddam Hussein for that matter was also beloved by his people. Liberation indeed! Killing all the people and destroying their country is not liberation. Now America can find out what it feels like to be so ‘liberated.’ What goes around, comes around. God is going to turn us into a ‘burning mountain and roll us down’ per Jeremiah 51:25 Behold, I am against thee, O destroying mountain, saith the LORD, which destroyest all the earth: and I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will make thee a burnt mountain.

    How much more hate can a country incite against themselves? Such foolish arrogance! We are going to go down in flames in just ONE HOUR. It won’t even take long. China and Russia will fly in from the North while the rest of the country is running around like ants whose ant hill got kicked over, and while Yellowstone is spewing ashes all over the country. While it is dark and everything is chaos, after California is already sunken into the ocean, and millions already dead from God’s Judgment– that is when China and Russia and ‘an assembly of great nations’ as Jeremiah calls it will fly in that evening. They will nuke out every single city in the country. Next day soldiers will swarm in by the millions from every border – and they will seek out any preppers, any people living off in the country, and people hiding in the underground cities. Anything that moves, man or beast, the soldiers will kill hand to hand. Bible says they will be CRUEL. Of course they will. Babies, women, all will die. The soldiers will not take a chance on ever, ever, ever having to deal with an American again.

    Somehow the Jews in Israel will escape the fate of the rest of us. Those (dual citizen) Jews who live right here in Oh Most Proud, (which is fully half of all Jews) will suffer the same fate as the rest of us, or maybe they will be able to escape time, as the Jews all escaped 9/11.



  2. Greetings Deanna,
    I thank you as well for referring to one of my articles.
    I’ve done my best to put this information out there and tell it like it is for all to read.
    I appreciate your hard work!


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