Roman Bystrianyk ~ Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones — 1 Comment

    –VERY frightening hearing. ALL witnesses pro-vaccine, ALL zog-commissars pro-vaccine.
    “REAR-ADMIRAL DR. SCHUCHAT”??? A sickly female zombie in admirals costume talking feebly about how all, ALL citizens above the age of of 6 months must take a YEARLY flu-shot and that the strict schedule for MULTIPLE poison injections to infants MUST be kept and followed rigorously.
    What a grotesque charade of genocidal psychopaths!

    –I guess hearings such as this is what US bomber-pilots “fought” for when dropping ton after ton of firebombs and “blockbusters” onto german civilians; women and children, around the clock, for four years straight during WW2.

    I truly HATE those sick, sick lackeys of zog.

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