Spingola and Friends, #34 — 1 Comment

  1. Interesting show/info. Food for thought.
    Big pharma is surely a disaster for the West. Cancer industry; psychotropics; SSRIs … Yes, big problem. I’m not arguing that at all.
    To prescribe such poisons to infants is truly a crime against Nature or God.

    However, I would still like to see the surveillance footage of Adam Lanza entering S.H.E.S. with the bushmaster or walking around the hallways blasting away into the classrooms, before jumping to the final conclusion that he did it.
    –Wouldn’t you?

    As I recall, several images, even video clips of Klebold and Harris were released after Columbine.

    How about the whole pacifying, mind-control angle of the Sandy Hook parents consistently preaching forgiveness and love (passivity; acceptance) in their countless MSM appearances?
    Also the whole Ba-‘hái involvement from Israel is noteworthy. Again: passivity and tolerance; acceptance.
    No single instance of anger or defiance is allowed to be shown to the public apparently.
    That is a central theme in my estimation.

    Passivity and immediate forgiveness would be the perfect response from an enslaved citizenry to any government abuse, wouldn’t it? No critical questions asked; no revenge even conceptualized or dreamt about.

    I’m not saying it’s one or the other here.
    Gun-control, media-induced mind-control for passivity and increased pharmaceutical-based mind-control could all go hand-in-hand IMO.

    I bought your book THE RULING ELITE a while back, btw.

    Good work. I’m probably quite a bit more motivated by White racialism than you are, but nevertheless, you have done some very interesting shows over the years with some very well-informed guests, so thanks a lot for your effort.

    Best regards from an Odinist heathen in Denmark.

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