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  1. Hi, Deanna — Great show today, both guests.

    I wanted to comment on what you said that the line is blurred between “alternative” and mainstream media.

    I always listen to James McCanney. I don’t agree with all he says, but I do think the guy is a genius, and I do think he knows a lot, and his experience working with NASA, teaching at Cornell, all the stuff he did in South America, the original scientific work he’s done, gives him credentials that makes him worth listening to. So I don’t care if he is inaccurate sometimes. I just really like him and respect him. He has a way of tossing off opinions that takes a great big issue and boils it down to a 30 second opinion that sums it all up great. So I love him for that. Like when he pointed out there is no such thing as a “low cost loan,” that every loan you take is going to be at least 100 percent by the time you pay it off, because you are paying off the compounding interest before you ever get to pay off much of the principal.

    The point about the alternative media I wanted to make: on McCanney’s broadcast this past week he was speaking about the ‘alternative’ media, so-called, and how there are so many people making YouTubes and are getting paid by the government, and he said they are people who don’t know anything and have a big ego and are glad to get the “help” of the government, and end up being disinfo agents for the government.

    That’s my observation as well – that there’s a lot of slick stuff on YouTube that is pure disinfo. You can tell somebody is feeding them, ‘helping’ them with footage and scripts. But the YouTuber gets the credit for it, and he’s got all his Facebook friends, etcetera. Probably have to sign confidentiality agreements in exchange for money and “help.” The government probably approaches them with flattery and offers to contribute to their work, and pay them also for their efforts as long as it’s confidential.

    Larry Engel’s part of the show was good. I don’t have TV, and this Superbowl stuff is downright creepy. People need to BOYCOTT the Superbowl. Just like Dr. Daniels tells us, we all need to become “ungovernable” and go make our own lives for ourselves, and stop letting these creeps run our lives, tell us what we must do to be healthy, what we must do to make a living, what we need to watch and care about to be “entertained.” If we just ignore the whole slew of them, they will shrivel up and go away. And if we’d turn back to God and pray, these Dark Siders would not have a literal snowball’s chance in Hell to accomplish their nefarious deeds and plans.


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