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  1. If one follows the Christian thing the “savior” kicked the bankers out of the temple. Hmm, The Kings, Queens, and High Priests hated this country from day one. Took them about 130 years to take it over. The money boys have been mankind’s enemy for a long, long time. Now, who’s the biggest criminal in history? The ONLY guy to stand up successfully to the bankers. Had em on the run for 10 years or so. The victors write the history. Present time – the enemy of “the people” are the same peoples, the bankers. New World Order here we are. We’re fighting the same guys Hitler fought yet he’s the bad guy. Tsk, tsk… Do you think “the people” will ever put that 2+2 together?


  2. Oh, Deanna — this was one of my favorite shows you’ve ever done. There was so much in it that I don’t know what to comment on. You and Mike King were so relaxed and just kept throwing back brilliant analysis and points. I just enjoyed this show so much, although it saddens me to consider what you said about where the world as come since the Bad War.

    Mike King is a fabulous communicator, and I want to see his book with 500 illustrations — and if I were still homeschooling I’d want to use it for that. History is a boring subject the way it is presented in school, but Mike King makes it fascinating, and anyone will learn more on one page of his than in a stuffy 600 page tome put out by some academic. (not to insult Mike, and he may be an academic)

    There is no need to write using long words, long sentences, whose meaning is buried in all the verbiage. Cut to the chase and spit it out, and Mike King does that which is why I love his stuff — and it’s true that a picture is indeed worth 1000 words. He obviously spends a lot of time searching for and finding the best pictures he can to illustrate the facts of history he is bringing to us.

    I honestly think Mike King is one of the best communicators to come along since — since ever. And this interview was exciting and enlightening as you and Mike hopped from topic to topic and brought out a ton of truth.

    I might go through this again and take notes — that’s how good it was.

    Thanks again for all you do.


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