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  1. On the Robin Williams “suicide” discussion near the beginning, I’m convinced at this time that he didn’t “commit suicide”, nor was he “suicided”, and you will be too after you watch this 17 minute video,

    When you see the extended clip of RW’s sleeper 2009 film “World’s Greatest Dad”, you’ll know exactly how his own life ended, slightly undignified/embarrassing, and why it was publicly spun as a “suicide” because that film portrayed it exactly…'s_Greatest_Dad

    In that 2nd link, notice the number of other “famous cases”, including actor David Carradine in 2009. Yes the Marin coroner is seen in the press conference clip stating pointedly that RW was found clothed; but bear in mind that’s a loose definition, given that someone with a shirt on and shorts around their ankles can be technically describes as “clothed”. He didn’t say “properly clothed”. Consider how RW’s body was found… seated, belt around his neck with other end closed in the closet door behind him… that’s no way to “hang yourself”; that’s how to moderate the belt’s blocking blood to brain, and unblock, by leaning back/forth, as in the “…Dad” movie.

    Ziopedia is still carrying the official “suicide” story,
    without even a footnote that there’s evidence that (deliberate) suicide was not the case, but rather it was a case of “(accidental) autoerotic asphyxiation”.

  2. Deanna, I’m glad you had Fred Shaw back on especially since there was technical difficulties the last time he was on your program. What he is reporting on is very important and confirms the rumors that I have heard for the last 10 years.

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