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  1. Deanna, I don’t get it. I never will get it. Rodney Martin’s argument is what? Do not let people into the country? And the reason is what?

    And the immigrants are destroying our culture? What culture is that? McDonalds, Walmart, drugs, tattoos, and our television, movies, Hollywood? Is the U.S. not exporting our wonderful so-called culture all over the world?

    Why is this guy afraid of somebody else’s culture coming in and spoiling ours? What’s to spoil? And isn’t the history of America, the part that’s been sold as the good thing, America’s charm — that everybody is welcome, and all the people who come here bring good things and contribute?

    And if we were not blowing up the planet and destroying everybody else’s culture all over the world, not to mention blowing up their children and their homes and leaving them in a pile of rubble — then these people would not be trying to come here at all anyway, most of them. There are very nice places to live around the world where people are very happy with what they have – or used to have, until the U.S. came in and destroyed it all. The world is not clamoring to come to the U.S. and the U.S. is not the paradise on earth we’ve been told it is. Once people come here they will lose their health, their babies will be vaccinated into cretinism, and the culture will corrupt their children and break up their marriages.

    If Rodney Martin is trying to use Germany as a front or excuse for his hatred for all people who want to immigrate into the U.S., from what I can see from the history of Germany, there is no comparison. Maybe there is more to the story of Germany and Hitler than I know, because I have only recently come to know the truth about Germany and WWII, or at least I’ve found out more to the story than I was told by the people who control the (fake) American culture and the false history and mind control being constantly fed thru the radio and television culture machines.

    Seems to me that the problem with American culture is not the people coming in who may eat different food or wear a different style of clothing or who have an accent… the problem with American culture is American culture, and these immigrants are not bringing in the bad stuff. The U.S. is sending the bad stuff OUT all over the world. America is a depraved nation, and it’s not because of the people coming in to escape their bombed out countries.

    The Bible describes the U.S., calls us Mystery Babylon the Great, and says the whole world is mad with the wine of her fornication. The Bible says the U.S. will be utterly and totally destroyed, and the only ones who will weep for the U.S. are the merchants who won’t be able to sell all their stuff to us anymore.

    We have so many things that are wrong … why are you pointing people to blame the immigrants for everything that’s wrong?

    The United States has never been a one-culture nation, it’s only 200 years old, and the people who live here are all descendents of immigrants. The only native people are living on reservations.

    Ethno-nationalism? Is he kidding? This is the United States. The only thing that is common to this culture is the corporate food chains and the Jewish media which permeates everything – education, religion, and every fad that comes along including the tattoos and every crazy style that comes along one year to the next, pink hair, crazy haircuts, the music, all of it. The immigrants and the ordinary people who live here don’t make those decisions.

    If people want to stay with their ancestors, then we have planes and boats to take us back to where our ancestors came from. But the sad thing is, once we get back to our so-called “roots” (assuming our ancestors going back stuck together)… we will find McDonalds and Walmart and American movies and music and fads, American medicine, American everything.

    Remind me not to listen to Rodney Martin again. Ever.

    Look at Mormons as a true national community, and how to build a national community? Like ambush wagon trains and kill everybody and steal all their stuff? American individualism? Ha ha ha. He wants individualism, but he wants us all to be the same and to keep everybody out who’s not already here, as tho everybody here were all just the same.

    Surreality much?


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