Brandon Martinez ~ Heather A. Bowser

Brandon Martinez, an independent writer and journalist from Canada was Deanna’s guest for the first hour of today’s broadcast. Brandon along with Joshua Blakeney, a freelance journalist based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada have also recently started a new podcast at Non-Aligned Media.
Be sure and checkout Brandon’s two new books he has just made available, Hidden History and Grand Deceptions. (MP3)

Heather A. Bowser, who was born with multiple birth defects due to her father’s exposure, as a ‘US’ soldier during the invasion and occupation of Vietnam to the chemical defoliant, Agent Orange was Deanna’s returning guest today. Heather, being an Agent Orange Activist & Survivor, along with Kelly L. Derricks also co-founded in January of 2012 the Children Of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance. (MP3)
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