Spingola and Friends, #18

Deanna talked about how the Allies prepared for Nuremberg and some of the “evidence” they used. After World War One, the Executive Committee of the American Jewish Congress (AJC), founded in 1918, composed of Jacob H. Schiff, Louis Marshall, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Julian Mack and Abram Elkus, unsuccessfully attempted to convene a World Tribunal to impose war guilt on Germany. They failed after World War One but were successful after World War Two because now they could persuade people, with the help of the media and compromised politicians, that Germany had perpetrated a holocaust against the jews. (MP3)

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  1. Thanks, Deanna. You are one of a kind. The truth is hard to face — and it’s sad. We thought we were the “good guys” — and all along the U.S. and England and the Jews have been wreaking death and misery on the world, bringing world tyranny and incredible destruction. And in turn, the people we thought were so evil are the very ones who tried to bring peace and prosperity to themselves and their neighbors. It’s obvious that the world hates a peacemaker or one who listens to their conscience ahead of the lies and fairy tales put out by the world system. Jesus warned us not to love the world.

    The exchange with callers about the UN was thought-provoking also.

    Your brave and caring heart is an example to your listeners. That’s why we love you.


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