Dr. Hamid Reza Sagha

Deanna’s first guest this afternoon was Dr. Hamid Reza Sagha M.D. For the last seven years, Dr. Sagha has conducted extensive research and studies about brain function, memory impairment, and neurodegenerative disease. More specifically, he has investigated how to optimize the biology of different systems by modifying lifestyle choices, and in this way stimulate the body and brain to better health. His study has included different cultural approaches to health including traditional Persian medicine, Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic approaches, as well as alternative therapy such as integrative and naturopathic. He uses this wide base of knowledge to map out health treatments based on functional medicine and system biology. One day, he hopes the gap between researchers, scientific data, clinical practice and the standard of care regarding dementia will decrease. Dr. Hamid Reza Sagha has just published Dementia Action Plan: Give Your Brain a Fighting Chance! (MP3)
👉 Interact Well Care | Memory Improvement Center

Chris Bennett

Deanna’s guest this afternoon was Chris Bennett. Chris has been researching the historical role of cannabis in the spiritual life of humanity for more than a quarter of a century. As an author, co-author and contributor, his most recent book is Liber 420: Cannabis, Magickal Herbs and the Occult. Chris’s research has received international attention from the BBC, Guardian, Sunday Times, Washington Post, Vice and other media outlets. (MP3)
👉 Chris Bennett, Author at Cannabis Culture

Donald C. Brockett ~ Dr. Paul A. Byrne and Bernice Jones

Deanna’s first guest this afternoon was Donald C. Brockett. Donald is a retired Spokane County Prosecuting Attorney and the author of The Tyrannical Rule of the U.S. Supreme Court: How the Court Has Violated the Constitution. (MP3)

Dr. Paul A. Byrne and Bernice Jones from the Life Guardian Foundation visited with Deanna and listeners for two hours today to continue the discussion on brain death and the organ transplant indu$try. (MP3)
A Definition of Irreversible Coma, Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act