Donald C. Brockett ~ Dr. Paul A. Byrne and Bernice Jones — 1 Comment

  1. Organ harvesting and Jewish ritual sacrifice are virtually identical with a modern twist. If they lied to Bernice to acquire her son’s organs that is worse than premeditated murder. The only religious group that does not consent to organ harvesting is Orthodox Jews because they believe they must be buried whole. But they blew that with circumcision. There was a bust a few years back that included orthodox rabbis and elected officials in NJ. So not only do they not donate their organs they lead in the industry of organ procurement and market also. I’m sure they take flesh to eat and certain glandulars will get you very very high. The reason they like young children is the flesh is still clean to eat. They don’t like older people. This is where we start getting into Podesta and the harvesting of Haitian children by Israelis.

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