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  1. Henry is full of it IMO. He’s trying to make out that all these bad Jews are the exception and not the rule. He is a Jew himself. He’s trying to make us think that Judaism is not really a Satanic religion. Religion is a choice. It’s not a race. If you are a Satanist, then that’s your choice, and has nothing to do with your DNA. If both your parents are Satanists, that doesn’t mean you are unless you choose to be. Religion is a choice, not a birthright. And here Henry is slandering Hitler too. If Henry would just renounce Judaism and join the human race, he’d be able to live with himself and not have to invent myths and fairy tales to keep his sanity. Why would Henry want to identify or participate in Judaism if he doesn’t have to? Makes no sense. I’d rather die than be a Satanist or a Jew (same animal really). Henry wants his cake and eat it too. Henry doesn’t want WWIIII because it’s too close to home. But the Jews are the ones who cause all the wars, and fund both sides. Why does he want to be a Jew? He is always whining about the poor Jews. Gimme a break.


  2. Henry uses a lot of what Mike King calls “Weasel Words” — “it’s been established,” or “there’s much evidence” and “people say.” Weasel words. Now he’s trying to distance himself from the slaughter to come, in his peaceful nation in Canada — thanks to the Jews —

    Zionist branch of freemasonry? What is Henry’s excuse? Trying to pretend he’s a ‘spectator” trying to ‘get the truth out’ — gimme a break. Henry is a proud Jew. There’s nothing to be proud about being a Jew, or a Satanist, or a member of a secret society. Henry does not believe the Bible, does not love God. He wants his cake and eat it too. He says he’s a monitor — trying to make peace between light and dark, and that’s not possible. Just like Henry is a sickly shade of gray, we all have to choose. One or the other. Life is a test, a choice, and if we choose to not choose, we will lose our soul just as much, maybe more, than those who make a clear choice.

    Henry is going to drift into Hell. He’s not a total nihilist, and he’s not running to jump off the cliff, but he’s sliding into Hell and doing nothing to stop himself. He’s got to stop the direction he’s going and make a clear decision and then turn around and go the other direction. You can’t just keep wandering on the broad and easy path to Hell, and take little side trips along the way, peeking over to see what’s going on in the strait and narrow road —

    And Henry is obsessed with sex, like most Jews. He wants to show us how wholesome Jewish sex is, but it’s not. It’s revolting. Horrifying.

    Moses married a black woman. Christianity goes past race. We all come from the same two parents — Adam and Eve. We are all human. We don’t have to pick out a marriage partner who looks just like we do. Henry is a racist, and a Christ-hating Jew, and he wants to make us think he’s a good Jew. He’s not. He’s an apologist, a gatekeeper for the bad guys. Just like Alex Jones, Perloff (who says he’s ‘half Jewish’ — and it’s not possible to be part Jewish, part Catholic, part Christian. Lukewarm is disgusting, and Jesus said lukewarm makes him want to vomit. And Henry is vomitous in his whining failure to choose whose side he’s on.) He’s telling us things we already know, how Satanic Judaism is, but somehow he is Jewish and he’s different. Nyet!

    Satanists are all individuals. Henry can be an ‘individual’ as he whines, but nobody else can. Trump and everybody else he condemns, but he’s okay. No, he’s not okay. He’s a gangster just like the rest of them are — and he even looks like one, dresses like one, and talks like one.


  3. I can’t agree more with Cab.
    Always remember: Fish swim, birds fly, and jews lie. – Henry is a jew. Nuff said.


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