Suzanne Maher ~ Professor Brian Peskin

Suzanne Maher, the Founder of Bye Bye Blue Sky was Deanna’s first fantastic and very active guest this afternoon. (MP3)
👉 Bye Bye Blue Sky, Microwave Radiation Coming to a Lamppost Near You
👉 Tony Pantalleresco 🌿

Professor Brian Peskin was Deanna’s second fantastic, very informative, and to the point guest this afternoon. (MP3)
👉 Official Website for Professor Brian Peskin, 🖥 Prof. Peskin’s Videos
👉 Get The Book! The Hidden Story of Cancer

2 comments on “Suzanne Maher ~ Professor Brian Peskin

  1. So eating oily fish is bad for you, according to Brian Peskin, and you need to buy his supplements instead. Yeah right. Ditch this ‘expert’ and follow Weston A. Price who showed long ago what is good and what is bad for you in terms of nutrition.


  2. Peskin recommends Weston Price and his findings. Peskin does not sell any products. Peskin did not say eating oily fish was bad for you. He said taking fish oil supplements were not beneficial and are, in fact, dangerous.


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