Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom ~ Douglas Valentine ~ Dr. Betty Martini — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for a great interview with Doug Valentine. Please, please get him back on again. Want to hear more about Phoenix program, and how it relates to MKULTRA and mind control. Can you get him on longer next time? And ASAP? Thanks so much for your program, Deanna!

  2. Thank you for your programs. How dearly I wish someone advised that man to try activated charcoal for the short term, and simple stevia for longer term. Lots of water, vitamin C, restore electrolytes, bone broth, zero pharma, visit a naturopath! I had splenda by accident last summer, and a massive cluster headache for four days. It was so severe at one point I put an ice pack on my head. What an atrocity that this bio-poison is still permitted anywhere near human beings. Thanks for shedding light on the truth.

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