James Perloff — 3 Comments

  1. Excellent program and a great summary of the causes of WW1 and WW2. It would be really interesting to know what James Perloff thinks about the supposed plunder by Japan of South-East Asia’s gold during WW2 (the ‘Yamashita’s Gold’). Did this really happen or is this all made up?

  2. Sterling and Peggy Seagrave who wrote Gold Warriors indicate that the Japanese did confiscate gold throughout South-East Asia. I interviewed them in 2011. Given the myth that the Germans confiscated gold throughout Europe, we really have to have some skepticism about this claim. However, just because Japan and Germany had a pact does not mean that they followed the same policies regarding the countries in which they engaged in warfare.

  3. I have read their book, The Gold Warriors, and it is fascinating. I also have a set of their CDs with supporting documentation, and there’s something there but not quite enough to prove that all this did indeed happen.

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