Dennis Wise

Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon was Dennis Wise, producer of the very informative Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told!
Dennis is now producing Communism By The Backdoor with nineteen episodes currently available. Visit Truth Will Out Films. (MP3)

One comment on “Dennis Wise

  1. I’m a fan of Dennis, & I’m thankful he’s on our side. But in his “Greatest story never told” documentary he claimed Hitler was a christian and dedicated an entire part of the film to this. The fact is that Hitler had said as much against christianity as he had in favor of it. What is clear is Hitler’s use of ancient European Pagan symbols and ceremonial rituals (not crazy death cult propaganda crap feed by the allies). To claim that Hitler was this or that is not fair.

    His christianity shines through further with his ideas on communism, & other subjects as well. I’m a Pagan (I follow a native European faith), but I do not imply that Hitler was Pagan, etc. There is evidence for most things if you go looking, but you have to stretch the truth mix in some opinion and ignore the most important part, the facts.

    I’m tired of this repeating of jewish planted stories that jesus was white and whites are the real jews, or jews are the enemies of jesus instead of his inventors. These are made to capture the half awake and will only keep our race enslaved to this group. I’m tired of this if he were christian crap too! Christian nations are crusading against their fellow controlled goyim the muslim nations right now! I will not tolerate this christianity is a victim stuff. After 13 crusades against white culture, the blood, the murder, the deception, this is the only reason white’s are christian in the first place! I don’t believe we should be implying that one jewish invented faith is better or more a victim than the other two monotheistic desert faiths created by jews that are all destroying the peoples of this planet! If we keep repeating these lies, we will all end up grey-goyim ascent of culture and race! Good little jew-slaves.

    With that I want to reiterate that I’m a fan of Dennis and I wish him all the best, he is a hero. Also to you Deanna, my favorite radio host, I love you, & I would be willing to be a guest on your show to talk about these and other Pagan issues. Yours truly, Leifken


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