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This evening Deanna talked about the Jim Fetzer / Mike Palecek compilation. () To be continued, … (MP3)
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  1. I remember the Mike Hollingsworth (sp?) interview by Joyce Riley in 2013 Deanna mentions. Someone had sent me a link to the show, and so I listened. I noticed he sounded rehearsed, and I said so at that time. I didn’t know anything about Sandy Hook then, and I still don’t, and I don’t follow all the shootings because I dropped out of keeping up with the controlled news media. I just noticed that Hollingsworth (whose name I never caught) sounded rehearsed. Actors truly are paid liars, and so are television news readers.

    Based on Peter Breggin books I’ve read and the interviews I’ve listened to of Dr. Jennifer Daniels (and I’ve listened to all of them), I agree with Deanna’s conclusion that the “Sandy Hook Was a Hoax” disinformation campaign is most likely a damage control, cover-up campaign on behalf of the trillion dollar Medical Indu$trial Complex and its evil and destructive psyche drugs.

    The Bible in Revelation describes the acts of God in judgment in the last days, and says the evil people alive at that time still ‘would not repent of their sorceries.’ Using drugs to control people and distort their minds is sorcery, and the Greek word used in the original Greek is pharmakeia — (Revelation 9:21 and 18:23 – KJV, Word 5331 in Strongs)… These drugs are poisons, hallucinogens, hypnotics, big business for the Medical Industrial Complex. Millions of American children are drugged against their will, and millions of gullible and duped adults are drugged with false promises of ‘peace and happiness.’ Now marijuana is being legalized, state by state, and marijuana is a fat-soluable hallucinogenic sorcery drug if ever there was one — and being given to children also.

    Personally, I see Final Judgment for America as the handwriting on the wall, and all I want is out.


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