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  1. I’m glad Deanna has taken on the psy ops campaign on Sandy Hook, and I think she and the investigators she is working with have killed a lot of birds with one stone by their efforts to bring out the truth.

    1. Some of the leaders of the so-called Truth Movement have been exposed as psy ops, Military Industrial Complex, Bankster cabal psy ops minions.
    2. More psy ops techniques the NWO uses to tyrannize/terrorize the public have been brought to light.

    It is now crystal clear that Sylvia Smallstorm, Jim Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, Alex Jones and Genesis Broadcasting, Veternas Today and more are not really alternative media – if we ever really thought they were, and yes most of us did have faith in all of these people at one time. But not anymore. They have been shown to be duplicitous vipers working for the NWO Jewish Bankster Mafia Cabal.

    We should never underestimate the clever and audacious tactics of the Jewish controlled media to take us from Leave it to Beaver to the Reality Shows to rigged Game Shows and paid wrestling to Fox News and its fake trials and murder mystery fake reality news. Move on over to the Internet, and now we have Genesis Broadcasting and lots of slick and behind-the-scenes scripted You Tube ‘documentaries’ using ordinary people getting paid off, nice sets and technical assistance, film footage and of course scripts for their latest works that they take the credit for.

    And of course these days we have the ridiculous Donald Trump Show, aka 2016 Presidential political ‘debates.’ Fake much? Agenda much? Distraction and confusion-spreading much? Last time this happened was in 2008 when the Banksters sent in Ron Paul to distract people long enough to make sure the unknown Obama puppet was installed. This time it will be Hillary or Jeb, and either one will do a good job for the Military Industrial Complex and the Bankster Cabal who owns and controls it.

    By calling Sandy Hook a hoax, now the PTB can always claim real hoaxes aren’t hoaxes at all – and duck blame for the involvement of their spy agencies’ mind control and drugging programs to produce patsies. By producing some real hoaxes, like Boston Marathon production, nobody will know if these news stories are theater events or real public acts of terror and murder. I followed Boston Marathon because of the horror that was done to the young Muslim patsies; Boston Maraton was obviously government psy ops, with actors and fake blood. An obvious HOAX, and the government wanted us to see it that way, and they had the hubris to murder and condemn the patsies. We the people let them do it and get away with it, once again. Outrageous and sad to see what was done to the innocent young Muslims who were fingered for that fake atrocity.

    Stephen Jones and Jim Fetzer have been pulling their evil game ever since 9/11 – when Jones stepped up as an expert on thermite and his claims that workers were sent into the WTC buildings to paint all the beams with so-called ‘thermite paint’ – wired with fuses for the right moment to blow up the buildings. For those who find that an impossible and ridiculous scenario (for 100 valid reasons), then the other half of the Dynamic Duo, Jim Fetzer, has been there to step in with his claim that the WTC was obliterated on 9/11 by “one-directional, mini-nano-micro nukes.” So these two psy-oppers publicly argue over this nonsense, and meantime the actual evidence is ignored/overlooked, and the Truth is never dealt with.

    The Bankster spy agencies pulled off 9/11 so now they think they can terrorize the public into handing over their guns to the gangsters running the planet.

    The mounds of evidence gathered on 9/11 tells us what happened on 9/11 and how: photos, thousands of hours of interviews, videos, transcripts tell the story. The evidence was gathered by a bona fide investigation paid for by NYS, and that evidence was thereafter requested and gained through FOIA request by Dr. Judy Wood, Physicist and Materials Analyst and Professor at Clemson U. Dr. Wood compiled, analyzed and presented the evidence on her huge website. Her textbook “Where Did the Towers Go?” is being used in foreign countries as a college text and final word on 9/11 –

    So Sandy Hook claims by Fetzer, Smallstorm, et al, is just the same old media cabal sent forth to scramble the brains of the public on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex and the Gangster Banksters. Just another dog and pony show, Barnum and Bailey Circus, Greatest Show on Earth. “Keep your eye on the ball, watch the clowns, see the elephants stand on their head; but don’t look over there in that dark corner: nothing happening over there but some crazy lady talking about space beams .”

    So really, these events are all orchestrated by the spy agencies on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex. Some of these bombings/shootings are indeed hoaxes, but most are real murders, real tragedies of children and innocents. By claiming ‘HOAX, never happened!’ – the Psy Oppers introduce controversy, just as they did into 9/11. Distractions so nobody ever gets around to finding out what happened and who is to blame.

    If the horror events were Made-for-TV performances or the real deal, people will never get around to uncovering the bottom line of how and why the shootings happen. In the end, the Bankster-Gangster-owned Military Industrial Complex wants the world disarmed, depopulated, heavily drugged on pharma drugs, and under their greedy, merciless, tyranical thumb.


  2. My dear old friend Keith Johnson now admits:
    1 – he’s no longer a Jewish conspiracy theorist
    2 – he’s half jewish

    Well, thanks for coming clean, Keith. won’t waste any more time on you.


    • Today is December 21, 2015, the shortest day of the year. Check back in three months for more important and timely commentary from aj.

      Good Day!


      • Howard, simple points kept simple. If you don’t grasp the significance, I’ll not trouble you with the obvious questions they raise. Soldier on.


    • Keith’s ethnicity does NOT alter or in any way diminish the research he has produced on Sandy Hook. His well-resourced and foot-noted research is impeccable. I am not sure what you mean by “coming clean” as if he were somehow admitting to some devious deception. He willingly mentioned his mother’s ethnicity. No one compelled him to disclose this fact. His research has taken a different direction which is not at all unusual. If one is unable to appropriately address the issues, then that person attacks the messenger. I would be more concerned about the backgrounds of people who are disseminating fabricated fables and always manage to acquire abundant amounts of air time in what some people call the alternative media, driven by a predetermined consensus, no matter what the subject.


  3. Deanna, Keith might have mentioned his ethnicity years ago when he was interested in the Jewish conspiracy. Lord knows we’re all waiting for the “good jews” to stand up. The big thing, which you might have grasped or commented on, is his statement that he’s “recovering” from his “Jewish conspiracy” days.

    Very interested in whether you think that is relevant or not. Thanks.


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