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  1. You can call Illuminati occult — but bottom line it’s worshiping Lucifer, and goes back to the Kabala, Tree of Life, worship of the serpent. It’s called “sell your soul to the devil, serve the devil, and he will give you money, power, fame in exchange.” That’s the reason so many of the ruling families are inbred Satanists and why they are most pointedly at war with Christianity.

    Freemasonry is just Judaism for the goyim.

    Druids: more devil worshiping, baby-blood-drinking monsters, as was Churchill the Druid.

    Catholicism is Judaism’s best attempt to co-opt Christianity, and they did a pretty good job of it. Christ is mocked, perpetually on the cross to be called down at will by the priests, and Mary is exalted as the real power and advocate with God. Catholic prayers are directed to her and not to Jesus (who Catholics believe is too busy writhing in pain on the cross to hear prayer or help anybody).

    This life is a test — to see where our loyalties lie, with God or with Satan.

    The Jews learned Kabala in Babylon during their captivity. Judaism, the religion, is more Talmud and Kabala than Old Testament. Judaism is a Satanic cult, which is why Jesus condemned the rabbis, and said “You teach traditions of men and have made the Word of God of none effect.” He called them a den of vipers and whitewashed tombs that look good on the outside but are inside full of dead men’s bones.

    It only makes sense that there would be Illuminati families, because once one family makes a deal with the devil, their children would be involved by contract and marriages would line up to further the Luciferian world goals and perpetuate the lines of the initiates. The religions of Baal or Bel worship that is continually mentioned in scripture requires sacrifice of ones children to the Luciferian god in exchange for power and fame. The Jews were always running off from God to worship these devil gods, and Solomon allowed his wives to sacrifice his own children to these fire breathing monster gods. Solomon turned against God, even though he wrote 3 books of the Bible, which proves that anybody can fall away. If Solomon could fall away, so can anybody else.

    It is not true that the Bible is corrupted or that men just wrote it up, and it’s a fake. God reveals himself in his creation, and there is no excuse for anybody to not believe in God, and every Creation requires a creator, unless people would like to ascribe god-like properties to atoms (ie self-existent and without beginning, omnicient, all-powerful, holy).

    The Bible is not altered, and we know that because we have the original manuscripts, copies of copies of copies, and they MATCH. And those manuscripts are known as the Textus Receptus text, the manuscripts from the common people that were worn out, that people died for. There are many thousands of them, fragments, copies of copies. This is the text from which the King James Bible and the 6 other English translations that came before it were taken. The King James translators were in awe of the earlier versions and were not out to one-up or discredit any of them and Tyndale’s translation was included intact and almost without change..

    King James did not hire any translators, but rather authorized a translation to be done by over 50 of the most brilliant linguists and devout believers, as a result of a petition by the people to have ‘their own Bible.’ The people wanted a Bible they could read for themselves, one that had no footnotes (as the Geneva Bible was full of footnotes). This translation was done at the penultimate time in the development of the English language in its most varied and richest sense — and providentially close to the invention of the printing press.

    God is ABLE to give us a Bible we can believe and trust, and he has. The King James Bible does not contradict the earlier versions, but is more perfect, more complete and comes from the original manuscripts which can be compared to any of those translations. God also has the responsibility and promise to preserve the Bible, and he has done that as well.

    Anyone who has not read and studied the Bible is not really educated IMO.

    In contradiction, the modern translations are taken from another text, known as the Alexandrian text (compared to the Atiochian text)…which is the Catholic text, but only two (Sinaticus and Vaticanus). These two manuscripts are complete and old, but they DO NOT MATCH and are full of crossovers. The text that was made from these two mangled, nonmatching manuscripts were done by Westcott and Hort, two nondescript translators and also occultics, hundreds of years after the King James Bible was loved and accepted and trusted by the Christian world.

    It is worth studying the history of our English Bible, and people who haven’t done so should not be claiming to be experts on the Bible, not having read it, or ever believed a word of it, or ever looking into the history of it.

    God is able to give us a Bible we can believe and trust, and he has done so. Not only that, but he has also preserved the Bible, going back to the Old Testament and on to the New Testament. There is nothing to argue. It is what it is. The canon of the OT was determined long before, and the NT canon was what it was before anybody ever met to decide on it. The Bible is what the people recognized as holy scripture, that had the power, and was evident in itself and stands on its own.


  2. Nonsense regarding two sets of people walking the earth — some human and some ‘pre Adamic’ — the Bible does not teach this. And all these Wannabee Jews who think they have some special DNA that’s going to get them into Heaven and the rest of us are not because we’re ‘pre-Adamic’ — S-T-U-P-I-D. We are all of one blood, as the Bible teaches. Of course, the Wannabee Jews (the Two-Seeders) hate St. Paul and all his writings, and they think that the New Testament is full of lies. But Paul wrote in Galatians: 3:16 “Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, WHICH IS CHRIST. 28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. 29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”

    The Bible further tells us that we are all of one blood, that we are all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. There were not two sets of parents in the Bible, Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Eve the First and Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Eve the Second.

    The manuscripts are not revised. They were copied with every jot and tittle intact, and if they were not then they would not match. And they DO MATCH. Over centuries, as people lived and died for those scriptures. And the text (Textus Receptus) is perfect, and its translation is polished, made ‘more perfect’ resulting in the ‘most perfect’ translation in the King James Bible. Psalm 12:6 The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. 7 Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

    Be nice if Deanna would get a Bible believing Christian on the program, instead of the Wannabee Jewish “Identity” cultists and unconverted Jews. Be nice if you got a Muslim on to talk about the Islamic religion also, which is very close to Christianity and very misunderstood by people.


  3. In the George Washington archives on line at the Library of Congress there are a few letters to Washington expressing concern about the Illuminati infiltrating the Freemasons and I believe at least one letter of Washington replying and sharing the concern.
    The founders of the United States may have been largely Freemasons, but the Washington letters suggest they were not dominated by the Illuminati., as yet.
    There was a powerful anti Freemason movement and an anti-Mason political party by 1820 and membership severely dropped for a period; apparently it was a response to a murder of a Mason member in upstate NY after he published a book exposing aspects of the organization.
    In a lecture sponsored by the Prophecy Club, a video of which is online, from some years ago, the author of a book: FINAL WARNING, whose exact name eludes me but was the same or similar to Michael Romera, mentioned the Washington letter(s) and it was his mention which made me think to check it out and I was surprised at how easy it was to find the letters.


  4. The bible is not the word of “god”. If you believe that a serpent can talk, or that Noah can fit two animals of every kind, or that a man can live in the belly of a whale and live to talk about it. You really are mentally ill. All those stories in the bible at their worst are just fairy tales, at there best they can be allegories. Christianity is not a grassroots movement founded by a man born out of a virgin. Christianity has been borrowed from very ancient pagan religions, like Egypt, etc. So it’s not a new revelation. Furthermore, There’s no historical evidence for the existence of a man named Jesus. Jesus is simply a recycled version of myth stories, like Osiris of Egypt, Odanis of Syria, Attis of Asia, etc. There are no original manuscripts. The stories of these gods is literally identical to that of Jesus. It appears that the men who wrote the bible copied these myths and added different names. The entire bible has indeed been rewritten, mistranslated, and translated into multiple language. You also have to account for the massive amount of genocide, slaughter, mass murder, human sacrifice, slavery, etc. Women are treated as second class citizens. So the bible is a man made book.


  5. It would be interesting to learn if George Washington was aware of the construction, statuary of the capitol buildings, the paintings of himself in the Rotunda, all the Greek pagan gods painted and carved all over the government buildings.

    As to the Ark, people used to live much longer, and Noah was building a huge ark for hundreds of years. He only needed to take two of each kind, not species.

    As Armand’s disbelief in the Biblical rendition of the story of Jonah: God is the Creator of all, and there is no greater miracle than the Creation. Nothing is too hard for God. What we think of as miracles, God considers ordinary trifles. Consider the Creation — God reveals himself in his creation. This should answer all your doubts.

    And Christianity was not borrowed from pagan religions of the past. Rather, Satan, who was indeed in the form of a serpent and many demonic creatures are seen today in that very form–was in the Garden when God cursed Adam and Even and cursed Satan too, and threw them out of the Garden. At that time God told Satan that the ‘seed’ of the woman would crush his head, and that he Satan would ‘bruise the heel’ of the woman’s seed.

    So Satan knew from the first pages of the Bible, the very beginnings of life on earth, of God’s plan to redeem the world should God’s creation fall away from obeying and believing God. People need to wake up and realize that evil exists, and that the air is full of principalities and powers of the air, demonic creatures who are influencing world events and toying with men’s emotions. The Bible says that Satan is the arch deceiver, and his nature is to lie, kill, steal, destroy.

    Jesus is the real deal. His story is history, fact. We’re not talking myths and fables. Jesus did indeed walk this earth among us, and he was indeed crucified, and he rose from the dead and was walking and talking and sharing meals with his friends and followers for 40 days thereafter, and then went up to Heaven with a crowd watching.

    The Bible is an amazing book, and it really is God’s Word. It is not a hard feat for God to give us a Bible we can believe and trust, written ‘by holy men of old who spoke by the Holy Ghost’ — many authors of the Bible, but speaking with one voice, telling one story, providing us with one Bible.

    There is no other Book like our Bible. It does indeed have all the answers to life, this life and the next.


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