3 comments on “Stefan H. Verstappen

  1. Hello Deanna,
    Just catching up on the archive of your show with Stefan Verstappen yesterday.

    What a fantastic fantastic FANTASTIC interview! This should be a lecture taught to everybody in the 1st grade, and repeated every year thereafter. I’ve had a few bad experiences with people who, to some degree, have psychopathic traits, and everything he says rings 100+% true.

    I’ve heard him a few times here and there, and I’ve always had a good impression, but this interview really shows his brilliance.

    Thanks again for the great show.

    All the best,


  2. I found this program interesting but when I watched the video my enthusiasm waned. So this guy thinks Hitler was a psychopath? wow! thanks so much Mr.Stefan H. Verstappen. Talking about ‘alpha males’ I think you need to man up as far as historical revisionism is concerned.


    • Not only that, Neocontrail, but as someone who is a doc in the field (unlike Mr. Verstappen, who has no training whatsoever), I’d say that he has marked indications of a personality disorder. You can often spot antisocial narcissists by the audacious way that they pretend to be expert at something they know nothing about.


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