Kieron Wood ~ Frosty Wooldridge

Kieron Wood from Ireland was Deanna’s guest during the first hour. He is the author of Ike’s Irish Lover: The Echo of a Sigh. (MP3)

Deanna’s guest for the following two hours was Frosty Wooldridge, author of Bicycling Around the World: Tire Tracks For Your Imagination / Everything You Need to Know About Touring and other books. 🍉 🚵 🏃 🏃 🏃 (MP3)

4 comments on “Kieron Wood ~ Frosty Wooldridge

  1. Deanna,

    I’ve done it before, and I did it again yesterday: I listened for a little while to this whatever-you-call-it “Frosty” thing, and then I turned it off.

    Of course, I’m not making any accusations, but, finally, yesterday I took a peek at his website, and didn’t find ANY photos.

    People do things for different reasons, but I’ve always really REALLY enjoyed radio programs that feature people who travel around the world – by bike, hitchhiking, by donkey, car, or whatever – because they always have wonderful stories – some might be made up or exaggerated, of course – and they have photos, of course.

    This Frosty thing, who supposedly has bicycled around the world, and across the US – hmm, how many times? – has NO photos on his website and NO favorable stories or favorable comments about the humanity around the world that he – if…, and, again, I’m not making any accusations – surely must have encountered: you know, the dude on his donkey somewhere who took him to town when he had a flat tire, the folks who have nothing but, yet, smiled and warmly welcomed him into their humble abode so that they could share half of everything they have for their evening meal, etc.

    This POS Frosty thing has no such stories, and only vile ignorant hatred for everybody outside the US borders, and probably 90% of the people within them.

    My only thinking is that this POS Frosty thing maybe was like one of these f***ing degenerate goons – you know, the US military – who traipse through foreign countries, trashing this and that, and spouting slurs about the people of the world.

    Of all the garbage I hear interviewed and talked about on the radio, this Frosty POS thing is damned near, if not THE, worst.

    Don’t know why you had him on, but I hope you don’t punish us again with this Frosty POS thing.

    All the best,

    P.S. I’m not making any accusations, but….well, you know what I’m saying.


  2. Frosty seems to be a fear monger and certainly presents the UN’s eugenicist agenda. Naturally, unrestrained immigration into any country has social, cultural and economic effects. Frosty appears to cast the blame on nameless external enemies, the immigrants themselves, while ignoring the real enemy of every country in the world. One of the individuals in the chat room posted the video of Barbara Lerner Spectre, the founding director of Paideia. One may see a version of it here: Jews to Play Leading Role in Multicultural Transformation of Europe. Kent, you have pointed out that there should be some kind of narrative or photos of Frosty’s travels. We, the callers and I, presented some relatively good arguments and refutations in hour two. In an attempt to be fair and balanced, unlike Faux News, I sometimes have people on the program with whom I do not necessarily agree, perhaps to allow him/her to discredit himself or herself. Listeners should be aware of such individuals and be able to discern propaganda when they hear it.

    Some of the orchestrated mass migrations or depopulation of desirable strategic locations are for the purpose of confiscation. The terrorist tactics used are akin to chess except people are the pawns. These satanic schemes are expertly employed to accomplish stealthy social, economic or political goals. Unsuspecting people “spontaneously” migrate for various reasons: economics, “natural” disasters (Katrina), warfare, enforced famine (decimate the buffalo/starve the indigenous population), terrorism and organized religious, ethnic, emotional and physical persecution. It appears that certain people have offered humanitarian assistance and prearranged opportunities to settle in specific places.

    The real responsibility for the chaos lays at the feet of those who control food production, agriculture, water, and weather and of course those who control the politicians in each country.


  3. I believe it was the late Alan Stang who said that Summersby was an agent of MI6. That she was loyal to the crown/empire and that one of her functions was to persuade Eisenhower to use US troops in more dangerous and deadly operations, thus lightening the losses suffered by the British.
    Something I’ve not read elsewhere but worthy of consideration.


  4. Deanna: I am glad to read your response. I did not stick around for hour two because as soon as I heard his “projected population” figures and his hinting at global overpopulation, I promptly turned it off. He sounded every bit as much like Paul Ehrlich (“The Population Bomb”) and all of the other advocates for “sustainability” in the Agenda 21 plan.

    Africa is a resource rich continent: engineering famine by adhering to Kissinger’s “food as a weapon” program, enforcing GATT (it is my understanding that most African nations, except for South Africa, do not have “most favored nation” status) and other policies designed to govern foreign trade and control a nation’s exports, installing puppet leaders and consolidating their financial systems, all these actions, in addition to natural threats and pestilence/disease, incite civil war and mass exodus from the sub-Saharan regions.

    The vacating of these areas leaves them wide open for exploitation. Am I the only one that noticed that Burkina Faso’s government suddenly ‘collapsed’ a year after large-scale gold mining operations commenced?


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