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  1. This guest made a few good points, but saying that everybody should have the right to take any drug they want is not one of them. He admits that smoking pot himself did him harm, and that it destroys the memory, and has no use medically. But still he thinks people should all be allowed to smoke or use all they want. It is a fat soluble HALLUCINOGENIC drug for Heaven’s sake. That means people will remain stoned for who knows how long. Even permanently change the brain wave pattern, because all the cannabis debris ends up deposited in the brain. The brain is mostly fat, as are the sex gonads, and that’s where the pot gravitates. Pot heads. If pot is indeed made legal, then people should be tested for pot before they are given a driving license, and if someone is in an accident they should be tested, and people who smoke pot should NOT be allowed to drive cars, buses, or fly planes. Why? Because they are always stoned. People who drink are only DUI for a few hours after drinking. Pot smokers are never sober and are always DUI because the stuff never leaves the system. That is why it is so addicting, because pot smokers suck up more and more and more pot so as to get a lift off from where they already are (ie stoned). It doubles the heart rate, and fills up the ER rooms with people having panic attacks. It’s a VERY BAD DRUG.

    Anybody who great up in the 60s and participated in that lifestyle knows what I’m talking about.

    I don’t like head shrinkers for guests anyway. None of them.


  2. Blah Blah Blah – I once read “experience is the best source of knowledge” – he never had a nervous break down, never lost his freedom because of a nervous breakdown and according to him he’s a doctor of bull crap so why is he talking? And ya people just LOVE taking medications that make their butts as big as a coffee table, lose their hair, cause acne and give them health problems because they want the “easy way out” sure …ok if you say so!


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