3 comments on “Spingola and Friends, #55

  1. All of the lies and other evil will only end when our creator eternally returns and remains with “those who love his appearing” and he ends all evil, forever, and truly shows his love for all “who love his appearing”. He should do this, immediately, no doubt, Amen and Amen!!! So be it!!!


  2. Wow, great program. Since I got off the fence about WWII, Hitler, Germany, and the Holohoax, these programs are a treasure to me, something I don’t want to miss. Makes me sad in my heart, but also inspires me to know there is so much good, so much courage in this world — way more than I had ever thought. It’s just that the good people are going to get battered into the ground, as Jesus taught and warned: “If they hate me, they will hate you too.” I’m sure your guest was right when he said the Powers That Be are figuring how to control/manipulate the Internet and that someday the freedom to speak the Truth on the Net will all be over…and that is a scary thought. I just pray to God that those who love and care about Truth are able to find it ASAP before the Ministry of Truth takes over per Orwell’s 1984.

    Jesus said persecution would come. He said not if, but WHEN you will suffer persecution. This world is a test, not a lottery. Life is a race to run for the ultimate prize. The Germans surely paid the ultimate price to stand up for a peaceful world where people are free to live and work for God.

    Listeners should just move the curser up to about 20 minutes, skip over the technical problems in connecting to Skype, and get on with the show.

    Thanx, Deanna, for bringing these wonderful guests to us.

    PS: Still have not watched the Hellstorm documentary. My broken heart needs a time-out before I break it some more.


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